bath bombs

In the past few years, bath bombs have become immensely popular as a bath time luxury. These are actually the small bombs of goodness loaded with a variety of skincare items. 

Commonly, the bath bombs have such beneficial ingredients in them as lavender oil, coconut oil, moisturizers, scents, etc. They are meant to not only nourish and rejuvenate the skin but also provide a relaxing bathing experience that helps relieve stress. Once the bath bomb is immersed in water, it releases its ingredients and fills the water with goodness.

How The Custom Bath Bomb Boxes Help Protect Bath Bombs

The bath bombs are a combination of dry and wet ingredients. These are pressed together into the desired shape and then dried. Generally, this is a fragile mixture prone to damage or breakage if it isn’t handled with care. 

The custom printed bath bomb boxes by Ibex Packaging help reduce the chances of damage to the bath bombs. They keep the shape intact and ensure that the walk-in customers in a store don’t have to touch the bath bombs to examine them. This is done with the help of windows in the boxes. The custom die-cut window boxes are made exactly according to the size and shape of the bombs. The windows in these boxes show the bath bombs and the color, texture, size, and shape of the bath bombs are made visible. 

Moreover, you cannot do without these boxes especially when you have to deliver the bath bombs to the customer’s doorstep. A product that is as fragile as bath bombs need to be packaged carefully in sturdy boxes which are perfectly sized to reduce the mobility of the bath bombs as they travel. Since the bath bombs are affected by moisture, the packaging material should be selected carefully so that the quality of the bombs is not affected due to moisture.  The box should not allow excess moisture to affect the bombs. Choose your stock carefully. 

How the Custom Bath Bomb Boxes Help Promote Your Brand?

Customization is the key to branding in today’s retail market. You cannot think of succeeding or even surviving in today’s competitive market without a professional packaging box. 

Your custom box has your brand’s logo on it.  It has those specific graphics with which your customers recognize your brand. Even the color combination you use for your packaging becomes your identity. These features help your customers identify you amidst a crowd of other brands selling the same product. 

In short, a professional custom packaging box helps create the brand identity. It lets your customers spot you instantly in the ocean of innumerable brands. The modern retail experience is all about the perfect packaging. It is the most important factor which adds value to your products. A comprehensive packaging provides the customers with a memorable box opening experience.

The custom boxes today are designed after thorough research. These are made after keeping in view the specific demographics of the target audience.  Even the colors are selected after considering the age, gender, likings, and disliking’s of the audience to be targeted.  In short, the customized packaging helps you reach your audience in a more targeted manner.

How to Make Your Boxes Look Elite?

If you want to get an elite impression of your brand, give an elite outlook to your boxes. An extra premium look asks for an extra effort. So you must not hesitate to try some advanced printing options. 

They may cost you a bit extra in the beginning, but in fact, in the end, they actually pay off and are worth every penny you spend on them. The additional printing options like embossing, debossing, sport, UV, and foiling add a tinge of luxury to your boxes. They make your logo readily recognizable. 

Besides, a final coating can help give your bath bomb boxes a neat finish and make them more professional in their appearance.  Some of the popular finishing options include the glossy finish, matte finish, semi-gloss finish aqueous coating, and Rose gold coating. Choose yours according to your brand’s character.

By Anurag Rathod

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