If not all but most of the online trading platforms, they all look very much the same. They offer trading services, speak of high profits, claim to have world-class tools and that they have hundreds of assets for trading. But there are a few exceptions amongst them and one such exception is CTmatador. The reason why this platform enjoys this exception is because of its multi-dimensional offerings in trading as well as in services. Brokers that usually offer trading in multiple trading assets are rather distracting which is not in the best interest of an investor/trader.

Global investors as well as self-directed traders are attracted towards CTmatador because they know that the broker is reliable and crypto focused. Most importantly, it is a versatile platform offering trade opportunities in a limited number of trading classes such as forex, commodities, indices etc. Let us now dig deeper and examine the claims of this broker through this CTmatador .

Description of CTmatador& The Truth

A trader can fall into the quicksand if he becomes associated with a platform whose claims turned out to be baseless and false. Your funds, confidence, faith as well as your hope of developing a trader’s career will all sink beneath the sand quicker than you can imagine. So a trader’s foremost priority is well defined which is to get a broker which is genuine and speaks the truth.

Examining CTmatador will tell you that the platform is not in the habit of making paper claims or such claims which seem impossible. For instance, the platform clearly envisages that crypto trading is extensively lucrative but it is costly and poses grave risk and danger. This gives you the full disclosure of how crypto trading works actually. At the same time, those making claims that they’ll make your every crypto trade a win, are just lying only to make you join them.

It would be easy for you to compare CTmatador with others in several aspects which are as follows: –

Comparison of Trading

Firstly the difference between CTmatador and others is quite simple. CTmatador offers premium services principally to digital currency traders. Services of this platform regarding other asset classes is only secondary and optional. If you would examine others, you would note that most of them are offering services in multiple trading classes. If you are interested in a particular type of trading, then rendering of services for other assets will mean nothing to you. At least you would be expecting your broker’s attention towards your trading asset and not towards others. You simply would never want to see the broker diverting its attention.

Trading is very much the same as is the case with all fields of life. If you are good at something, you should concentrate on that thing in which you are good at. Similarly, if you are good at crypto trading, you would like to stick to it only. Riding in different boats will affect your career and greatly delay the achievement of your ambitions and goals.

Comparative Analysis of Trading Accounts

Again there is a huge difference in the trading accounts of CTmatador when they are compared with others. Pick any crypto broker of your choice and examine its accounts. There would be more than 3 accounts and each account would need bigger and bigger initial deposit. As has been seen, the account varies from 5 to 8 even. What happens is that a trader is easily frustrated and he couldn’t make the right choice. At the same time, he would be willing to get the best features but due to money restraints he couldn’t get the account of his choice. Instead, he is systematically forced to get an account which would not have wanted in the first place.

At CTmatador, the platform offers simple accounts and they are basic as well as advanced accounts. Features and benefits are almost the same in any of the accounts of CTmatador. The platform of this broker highly represents the sense of equality and equal opportunities for all without contradiction.

Comparison of Trading Tools

So far the world of online trading hasn’t seen a tool so effective than the MetaTrader 4. When it comes to performance, MetaTrader 4’s functionality has the distinction as well as the superiority in the trading world. Fortunately, CTmatador offers superfluous trading by allowing its traders to fully access each and every bit and piece of MetaTrader 4’s features.

Others would perhaps not be having MetaTrader 4 and in fact they would not be having a tool of their own. This will show you how non-committed such platforms are towards their clients. As regards CTmatador, it provides for the best tool while also has its very own platform, which too is one in a million.


So even while comparing and examining CTmatador and others side by side, there is no doubt CTmatador is simply more virtuous than any. Did you now establish the need to get CTmatador on-board? If not then think twice.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.