Metal barns

A good farm shed is an invaluable asset to any farmer or a rural business owner. With the right design and construction, as well as high-quality materials, you’ll have a farm shed that will last for decades.

Remember when a barn was simply… a barn? Yes, those were simpler times, but people now expect a lot more from their farm buildings. Fortunately, post-frame buildings, also known as Metal barns they are versatile and cost-effective ways to meet a variety of agricultural needs.

Post-frame construction employs highly engineered laminated wooden posts and strong trusses, which, among other things, transfer wind and snow loads to the foundation and allow for expansive, unobstructed interior spaces. These are the kinds of features that are ideal for farm buildings.

We’ve discussed some of the various ways a farm shed can serve multiple functions. See how you can make the most of your future farm shed below, from multi-purpose Farm sheds to versatile workshops, office or other storage uses.

Multi-purpose hay shed

While a hay shed will undoubtedly be needed for hay bale storage during harvest season, there’s no reason why it can’t also be used for other purposes, such as farm machinery storage, at other times of the year.

A hay shed will, by definition, have at least one open wall to increase airflow, prevent moisture buildup, and prevent spontaneous combustion. Having one open wall and wide bays will make it simple to store your farm machinery, tractors, and diggers when not in use (this is particularly helpful during winter months where it may rain). When maintenance is required, use this space as a workshop. Simply drive your equipment in and park it!

Custom Storage Building

We then realised that the space beneath the bed platform could be converted into a fermentation locker. We could ferment our food in there and use the rest of the space to store our pottery crocks and food-grade buckets.

Fermentation, by definition, is a gaseous process. As a result, we added windows on that side of the multi-purpose outbuilding and installed an automated under-roof vent fan.

The area’s long back wall would be ideal for built-in bookcases or, if necessary, a Murphy bed. All of the books would also help to insulate that side of the building, which was cold, shady, and windy during the winter.

Multi-purpose grain shed

Grain sheds, like hay sheds, can be used to store farm machinery and equipment outside of harvest season.

Many farmers will add sliding doors to their grain sheds to keep grain secure and dry all year. Locks are an excellent addition to grain shed doors, especially if you intend to use it for multiple purposes – being able to lock away expensive machinery is a great deterrent for trespassers and will help to prevent potential theft.

Grain sheds are carefully designed to ensure that the concrete panels can withstand the pressure of the grain. If you intend to use a grain shed for additional storage of heavy farm machinery and equipment, this must be considered during the planning stage.


While the purpose of a workshop may appear to be straightforward, it is actually one of the most versatile and multi-purpose sheds available! Workshops are typically used for odd jobs and storing equipment, but they can be modified to serve a variety of other purposes.

The Boarding Barn

A kennel where your family pets can be safely kept during busy times can also be an appealing amenity for your (horse) boarding clients. Everyone knows that dogs and horses are inextricably linked. Offering a safe place for boarders who want to bring their dog along to the livestock barn design not only provides an alternative to a hot car or a loose dog underfoot, but it also adds value to your farm operation. More information about our wooden dog kennels can be found here.

These same borders can become customers of your home-grown products and will enjoy bringing their children to see the critters. Who knows, maybe the same kids will attend your summer camp sessions or take a few riding lessons and fall in love with horses.

Office space

If the spare room has become a makeshift office, why not add an office to a workshop? Additional office space will make even better use of this already functional space and ensure you’re only a few minutes away from the farm if you need to shift some cattle! Simply add an access door to the side of the workshop for easy access.


So, whether you’re looking to invest in multi-purpose hay or grain shed, a workshop, or a kennel, it’s best to speak with shed design and manufacturing experts who can help you bring your shed dreams to life.

We at Metal Barn Central understand that a multi-purpose shed provides numerous benefits and returns on investment, so it’s critical to get it right from the start! Our team will collaborate with you to ensure that your shed has all of the bells and whistles and will meet not only your current but also future needs.

By Anurag Rathod

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