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We hear several last-minute speculations about the upcoming iPhone 14 announcement. The MagSafe function that the iPhone introduced is one thing we can confidently say is one of the most impressive. Your iPhone’s internal ring magnet enables a secure magnetic connection to the charger and other devices. 

You can go wireless and have mobile phone charging available wherever you are. A phone cover, however, may prevent MagSafe charging from working. By selecting a MagSafe phone cover, you may utilize MagSafe chargers unhindered.

Why use a MagSafe case?

For safe usage, almost all iPhones require a protective cover. Owners may transport their pricey Apple phones with some reassurance against impact damage thanks to the cover. This case could not last as long as intended if they are taken off each time. They need to use a MagSafe wireless charger. With frequent removal and reinstallation, even a tough material will become loose.

Therefore, it’s normal these days to discover iPhone covers that work with MagSafe. Since the MagSafe phone cover is equipped with magnets or lets magnetic fields travel through them, you won’t need to take your iPhone out of its case to use it to charge it or connect it magnetically.

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Important Features

If you plan to buy a MagSafe phone cover, make sure that it has the following features:

  • Perfect Alignment: A magnetic casing must be completely aligned with the coils inside for it to function with MagSafe. Your phone charges more effectively as a result of the accelerated power transmission.
  • Fast charging: While some MagSafe chargers can power iPhones twice as quickly as 15 watts, most can only provide 7.5 watts. Make sure the MagSafe phone cover you select has a reliable charging port. You can check the description of the same or speak to the seller about this feature.
  • Safe charging: Before the introduction of MagSafe, there was no secure way to charge a phone, and the phone’s overpowering battery or electronic parts had to be sorted through. Today’s MagSafe design, however, enables you to charge your smartphone without running the danger of causing damage to your device.
  • More convenience: The simplicity that comes with MagSafe charging is one of its main advantages. You can use your smartphone while it is wirelessly charging without having to deal with the trouble of cords; however, you may safely attach them to it. You must access this convenience through the MagSafe phone cover that supports MagSafe charging.

What If The Case For Your iPhone Is Not Magsafe Compatible?

A few magnetic fields can still get through most iPhone covers that are not MagSafe compliant. Some of them are, therefore, able to partially support magnetic connection and charging. However, because they weren’t designed for this use, the magnetic attachment will be weak, and if they permit charging, it will be slow.

Do you then discard your gorgeous and sturdy iPhone case to get a new one that is MagSafe compatible? Perhaps not precisely, and you can take steps to enable MagSafe compatibility with your case completely.

Investing in a magnetic ring will enable the MagSafe compatibility of your iPhone cover. This ring sticks to the rear of your case and makes it possible for it to line up properly with another MagSafe-enabled surface. The majority of accessory sellers sell this accessory at a reasonable price.

Significant Cases News

Two first-party cases were introduced alongside the MagSafe reboot for each variation of the iPhone 12, in addition to a wireless charger and snap-on wallet. The application of magnets to two iPhone cases—a translucent plastic one and a solid-colour silicon one with MagSafe—could significantly alter how we put on and take off cases from our iPhones. In its presentation, Apple also made a hint about a leather casing.

For added stability while in use, most cases incorporate a lip. MagSafe phone case prevents your iPhone from tumbling out, although it might be challenging to remove a cover. In addition to requiring considerable force to remove an iPhone from a durable plastic cover, doing so frequently distorts and warps the case. It must be simpler to clean your phone, change coverings, or take pleasure in an iPhone without a case.

The MagSafe magnetic ring on the transparent plastic shell gives it an especially dapper appearance. Since cases are made with accessories in mind, you ought to be able to attach any MagSafe-compliant attachment directly to the smartphone or to a case that complies with the standard.


The MagSafe phone cover is not that complex; you only need to know the right features to consider when purchasing. Some of the above mentioned cases are perfect for your wireless charging requirements.

By Anurag Rathod

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