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Many occasions take place in a year, but nothing matches the excitement of one’s birthday. You share other yearly festivities with others, but a birthday belongs to you solely. So, it has to be a very special day for everyone where they are the showstopper, limelight, and the center of attention.

Then, there are also some people who are excited about the birthdays of their beloved partners, kids, friends, or other family members. If you also love pampering others, making their birthdays extraordinary, and adding something incredible to their celebrations, here is a delightful innovation for you- Video Gift Messaging.

Think out of the box and give the birthday boy/ girl something personalized in a different way this time. Surprise them with a heartfelt video recording along with the ring, dress, gadget, or anything else on your mind already. 

Video gifts- A perfect way to diminish distances!

Are you unable to see them personally on their special day? Are you studying or working abroad while they have their birthday at a distant place? Did you have to cancel last-minute visits to their birthday celebration?

Do not worry at all now! If you are staying overseas, out of town, or otherwise expecting to be unavailable on their birthday, a video gift will indeed make up for your absence. It will certainly be very cute of you to wish them a happy birthday in this warm way. Catch more details about this patented and rousing idea.

What does video gifting mean?

As the name suggests, a video message gift is a way to send a recorded video to the person of your choice anytime with another gift. The cherry on the cake is that you can always add a personalized element to the video to make the receiver feel special in all ways. So, you can now actually sing “Happy Birthday” with visuals of warm moments instead of just writing it as a note, while sending a birthday hamper to your dear one. 

It is different from other customized gifts because other gifts will usually replace the name of the receiver only. But, in the video gifting facility, you can speak about the receiver, rememorize past moments, greet personally, and even redesign the video template in a way you think the receiver will adore. 

How does video gifting work?

You can use this customized facility to surprise the birthday boy or girl even if you live nearby. Send them an expressive video at their doorsteps while you attend the office or go somewhere else. The Video Gift Messaging concept works well in all situations. Let’s know how you can execute this personalized and delightful gesture even while being away.

Shopping with an online store offering video gift service 

Browse through the products offered by shopping websites like Magento, Shopify, etc. supporting this video gifting facility. Select any product that you feel the birthday boy or girl will love to have. Checkout after furnishing details like the recipient’s name and address. Pay for the item in the cart and record the video in the best possible personalized manner.

QR code generation and delivery by the merchant 

Your customized video will be converted into a specific QR code by the merchant like MagentoShopify, etc. They will pack the item selected by you in the above step and dispatch the same to the receiver’s address. The QR code containing your recorded video will be affixed to the parcel so that the addressee receives both the parcel and the video gift together. 

Scanning of the QR code by the receiver or birthday person

Now, it will be the final show time for the most awaited part where the birthday boy or girl will open the parcel. All he or she has to do is scan the QR code through their mobile phone to get a beautiful and personalized surprise. The recorded video will start playing, letting emotions sink in, and making the receiver feel extremely lovable. 

That is all! The entire process of video gifting is utterly simple, effective, and personalized. You can also directly contact a video gifting service provider instead of shopping with another online store.

How to make a personalized video gift?

Being a novel idea, there are chances that you are clueless about designing a Video Gift Messaging Extension. Use the following tips to glorify your video recording and turn it into a charming birthday gift for your dear one. 

Gather recording devices

It is on you to decide what type of device you are going to use to record the video gift. You can either use a professional camera or go easy with your mobile phone. Choose what is comfortable and easily available. 

Recheck the functionality 

You do not want to face glitches or bummers while recording; ensure that everything is working properly beforehand. Check the camera quality, audio settings, microphone functioning, and other technical aspects. 

Set the surroundings 

Make sure to have a sturdy surface where you can keep your recording device safely and steadily. You can make the video even with the device in your hand. Avoid dimly lit and noisy surroundings. Use a ring light if available. 

Jot down things

Some prefer keeping it raw and real, while others want to record the video after rehearsing it well. However, making notes can be helpful to avoid retakes. You might miss saying a few things while recording; consider listing points.

Add unique elements

Add a card design offered by the video gift service provider, or use your creativity. Choose a catchy thumbnail for the video that excites the receiver. Instead of just recording a live video, try to add relevant images or warm memories. 

The bonus tip is to never forget to review it once before sending it for QR code generation. Worry less and speak your heart out; it will certainly come out as an adorable audio-visual. So, what are you waiting for? Make birthday wishes extraordinary for your beloved ones with this fantastic video gifting option.

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