Botley Coding RobotBotley Coding Robot

Education is getting a little more difficult for pupils nowadays, and how to teach them is getting out of one’s depth. Therefore, various learning enterprises are making use of the advanced educational manipulative to make students education easy, fun and competitive. Learning important concepts like fundamentals of programming, engineering, Scienc e and so on are becoming easy using the highly-skilled learning aids that are also facilitating development of STEM skills in the children.

One of the best educational manipulative that is loved by both teachers as well as students is BOTLEY the CODING ROBOT, which is the easy and a fun way for children to learn, explore and develop STEM learning and skills they need. Let’s know in depth about BOTELY the coding Robot

What is Botley the Coding Robot?

Botley is the fun device for making students learns STEM coding skills in an enthusiastic way. The device is run by battery and is screen-free. Your students learn coding through fun activities. Here are the following things one can do using the Botley Coding Robot 

Follow Black lines


Avoid Objects

Following an Obstacle Course

Reveal hidden features

If you are also an educator, looking for the amusing device to help your students learn coding, then meet your student’s new Bestie; BOTLEY THE CODING ROBOT.  It is a 77- Piece screen-free coding robot set. The Botley activity set comes with a remote programmer, detachable robot arms, 40 coding cards, 6 double-sided tiles, 27 obstacle building pieces and a starter guide with coding challenges. The manipulative is great for all children as young as 5. The Affordable gadgets don’t cost you more than $100. Get it from Spectrum educational store online in Canada at the budget-friendly rates and make your children’s learning environment interesting and fun-filled.

Teachers are largely using this amazing manipulative to impart advanced studies to their young torchbearers. As this learning device fosters creativity in kids, develops problem solving and critical thinking habits in kids, so its use is much wider in the educational undertakings. Let’s see why this gadget is teacher’s favorite nowadays.

A ready to go manipulative

Botley is ready to use manipulative. There is no excellence needed especially when it comes to operating this robot. Neither do students have to wait for assembling the assortment. It’s an instant hands-on coding fun and learning manipulative in your student’s classroom.


The whole operation would go screen-free as it is a complete hands-on-learning device. There is no need for phones or tablets for making this device work or play. Even if you want to impart your students the tech-based coding, Botley is the perfect tangible, hands-on-device to accompany your screen-based offerings.

Children learn and grow

You would feel astounding looking at the leaning possibilities BOTLEY offers to students. With such an array of learning opportunities, students tend to develop social and emotional intelligence as well.  From open play to experimentation, students face advanced learning challenges day by day that also helps in fostering their critical thinking and learning power.

Advanced coding features

BOTLEY Coding Robot has typically great coding features which mean your kids would be reaping maximum benefits of coding. Let’s see some of the cool coding options

Capture the Flag

Obstacle Course

Break the Wall

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