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Chocolate muffin recipe is a cake baked in small portions and muffin is an American English word. Chocolate chip muffin recipes are mostly served in kid’s lunch box or a snack time food. Chocolate chip muffin recipe is most lived for its fluffy baked bread with chewy chocolate chips.

The plain or flavored bread of the chocolate chip muffin recipes when combined with chocolate chips brings an uplifting flavor which quenches the hunger instantly. Chocolate muffin recipe are available in the American cook books. Chocolate chip muffin recipe are of two types as English and Corn muffins. The chocolate chip muffin recipe of English type is bread leavened with yeast along with chocolate chips. The chocolate chip muffin recipes of corn muffins are made of cornmeal.

Chocolate muffin recipe is made traditionally by toasting in front of an open fire or stove with a toasting fork. Chocolate chip muffin recipes are also served as chilled muffins with hot coffee drink. The main point to be careful in baking or toasting chocolate chip muffin recipe is the extent the chocolate muffin recipe is baked it should not be too baked if baked too much the chocolate chip muffin recipes becomes dry.

To enjoy a home baked chocolate chip muffin recipe just take a note of the ingredients needed for the chocolate muffin recipe and reproduce the processing steps for the chocolate chip muffin recipes.

Preparation Time     5 Mins
Cooking Time          20 Mins
Recipe Type             Veg

Ingredients of the Chocolate chip muffin recipes for 12 medium sized muffins

      Chocolate (milk or semi-sweet chips)         1 cup

      Sugar (White, granulated)      1 Cup

      Vanilla Extract                            2 Tsp.

      Milk / Milk Cream                       1 Cup

      Eggs                                                2

      All-purpose Flour                           2 Cups

      Baking Powder                            1 Tsp.

      Salt                                                 ½ Tsp.

      Butter (Softened, Unsalted)        ½ Cup

Ingredients of topping of chocolate muffin recipe

      Sugar (Granulated, White)    1 Tbsp.

      Cinnamon (Grounded)     ½ Tsp.

Cooking instructions for the chocolate chip muffin recipe

      Take a mixing bowl and blend the flour, baking powder, salt and sugar and set aside.

      Meanwhile preheat the oven to 190 degree C and place the rack in the centre of the oven. Grease the cups and line with the paper liners and 12 muffin cups.

      Blend the sugar, butter, milk/ cream, vanilla extract and eggs to a smooth mixture and add this mixture to the bowl of flour mixture of chocolate chip muffin recipe.

      Be sure that you do not over mix just blend all the ingredients gently, if over mixed the batter then the resultant chocolate muffin recipe will be hard.

      Combine the ingredients of the toppings in a bowl and blend till a smooth mixture is formed.

      Now evenly fill the hot muffin cups with the batter using double spoon or ice cream scoop.  Then sprinkle the topping mixture over the muffin batter and bake in the oven till the batter is baked. Check the status of the baking by piercing the knife in the centre of the muffin if comes out clean the muffin is baked properly.

Remove from oven and serve in room temperature.

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