Technology has invaded human beings. It’s a new world we live in. It’s called Digital World’. It’s fast, high tech, and more innovative. Digital media is on fingertips. Therefore, Children are the most east target. It all started with a television entering your household. But now, technology in our pockets. As of 2017, 95% of American families have a Smartphone.  Digital media has profound impacts on children’s psychology. Excessive use of technology decreases a child’s brain development, leading to decreased cognitive abilities. As a result of Exposure to digital media at a very initial age leads to poor growth, an increase in obesity, abnormal sleeping patterns and eating habits, addictive behavior, and less socializing. Studies have shown that children, who use fewer internets, are more social, emotionally stable, and good with relationships.

Why does a child’s sleepover concern you as a parent?

Being a parent in this digital age can be tough and tricky. One has to face challenges when handling a kid with technology in his pockets.  Therefore, conversation with your children is extremely important at such a level. If your child wants to a sleepover, or you have to host a sleepover, what is going to be your strategy? What will be your concerns? Of course, in this digitalization, you have to keep a check on them. Adult content is common on the internet. Pornography has devastating effects on your child’s mindset. It can lead to depression and anxiety.

Consequently, such children develop addictive behavior resulting in drug abuse, abnormal hormonal changes, and lack of emotional wellbeing. Similarly, cyberbullying and cyber threats are a major concerning factor too. What if your child faces online victimization? Or is leaking your financial credentials to someone? Your child talks to someone who is unknown or may seem dangerous. A child’s entire personality is adversely affected if his usage of digital media is not monitored properly.

Tips to manage screening during children’s sleepover

Make a family digital media use plan: 

As a family, you should have your own digital media rules. And everyone in the family should abide by the rules. Parents should counsel their kids on the usage of media. Explain to them the pros and cons of the internet. Tell them if used appropriately, the internet can benefit us also. In other words, strictly draw red lines. Your child would know what’s good and bad for him. 

Treat internet usage just like any other activity:

Make sure the screening time is just like any other fun activity. Let your child grow and explore. He should indulge in playing outside, learn from his environment, and socialize with relatives. In a day full of such activities, screening can be just one activity. Time and limitations are important. Set a healthy routine for your kids so that your child doesn’t become addicted to the internet.

Converse with your child before sleepovers:

Take them into your confidence. Talk to them. Set limitations. Encourage them not to take phones with them. Discuss the matter with the host’s parents. Ask them to avoid the usage of the phone. One TV as the main screen for movies is good enough. There is no need for personal devices. Encourage your child to talk, play, eat popcorn, and watch a movie at a sleepover. 

Install Hidden spying app:

You may stop your child who is under 13 from taking mobile phones. But, what if you are a parent to an adult child? A mobile phone can be important to them. In that case, you can install an android spy software on their devices. You can keep a check on them you may or may not tell them about the spying. Afterward, if you found something wrong which happened at the sleepover, you can talk to your child.

MocoSpy can help you

MocoSpy is a well-known spying app for android phones. You can install this app and avoid the risks associated with your child’s sleepover. This app will enable you to keep a record of what your child watches and for how much time. Surround listening, hidden camera, screen recorder, voice recorder, live graphs, GPS tracker and social media controlling are all notable features of MocoSpy. This spy app has the potential to remotely monitor your kids, sitting on a sofa. Download this app, and make your life easy. It’s a complete solution to all your worries.


In conclusion, the digital world its pros and cons. One needs to be fully competent to face the challenges it is bringing to us day by day. As a parent, be proactive. Keep a healthy check on your child’s internet activities during sleepovers.  Counsel them well and interact in healthy conversations. Make the internet a healthy and beneficial part of their life. In case, you find your child suspicious and he is not open to conversations, you can spy him by downloading MocoSpy.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.