Child Custody MistakesChild Custody Mistakes

A Child custody battle is a crucial step after divorce and you may sabotage your case by making a mistake. Some mistakes are difficult to take care while some of them are easy to follow. For many parents, their custody case is the most important part after the divorce getting legal support from the court in their favor. So, it is very crucial to understand that you don’t make mistakes after your divorce and your child custody lawyer can guide you best in this respect. We bring you some mistakes which are important to know before you make them.

7 Commonly Child Custody Mistakes to Avoid After Divorce

 Not Communicating with Your Ex

Either for some divorcees, it may sound difficult to continue with your spouse but it is equally beneficial for your gaining child custody and winning the case. The court always encourages parents to maintain a healthy relationship with the child after divorce. If you have a contentious relationship with your spouse, you can continue with him with text messages or emails to communicate. Demonstrating good behavior with your spouse is a plus point for you to get custody of your child. It would be better if you have choose a family law attorney for both divorce and child custody cases.

Not Following Court Orders

Remember not to disobey the court orders as they can negatively affect your case in court. Also, don’t forget to take your spouse’s consent for taking your child with you. If you have any issues with the court order, talk to your family law attorney and get tips to get favorable results from the court. People wind up in serious legal trouble for getting their child custody and violating court orders in kidnapping the child or contempt of the court orders.

Failing to Pay Child Support

If you are ordered by the court to pay for child custody and if you fail to pay the court, the court decision might go against you. Life has no certainty and a person might fail to make the child custody payment. The best thing is to be proactive in this manner and reach out to the court before your payment is pending after the due date. You have to arrange the payment if you want to get child custody.

Don’t Make Mistakes in Your Behavior

Many people are observed that they start fighting with their spouse in court and it will have a bad impact on their case. We already know that domestic violence is the root cause of your divorce and you should keep patience which your domestic violence lawyer must have told you even earlier too for getting a divorce faster. Create a peaceful environment as much as possible to avoid any hassles there. Even if you are going through a heated argument, don’t touch them which can be considered domestic violence allegations. If you threaten your spouse, you will be given supervised visitation to your child. Also, avoid any alcohol or drug abuse when visiting your child otherwise you will be not allowed to meet your children.

Don’t Put Your Needs over Your Kids

To be brutally honest, you are in a great mess where you have to take care of your child above your needs. But in this critical situation, you should think about your kid’s needs first. Do a meeting with your free consultation lawyer and understand what you are going through. Take children to counsel if you think they might need your help. Your divorces already have a bad impression on your children and the court wants you both to have a healthy connection with your children. The one spouse can easily create an environment of parental alienation and can make hate speech which will have a direct impact on your child custody in your favor.

Over sharing on Social Media

You must have listened to horror stories of couples sharing their legal matters on social media. But, do you know that any social media post can be used as evidence in your child custody case? If you are habitual in venting on social media, you should leave this habit now. Talking to your spouse badly on social media can negatively impact the courtroom.

Not having a Lawyer

One of the most common issues to deal with in your legal case is to deal with your own but technically, being able to represent yourself in court is not appropriate in any way. This is also true if another party is represented by a lawyer. Filling for divorce and pursuing your child custody both are complicated issues and must be dealt with by a qualified lawyer. Even if you are going for property-related matters in court, having an estate planning attorney is recommended. So, don’t avoid your lawyer in legal matters, and don’t try to handle yourself.


In the courtroom, your behavior is observed whether it is with your spouse or children. You have to behave like a gentle person in life during your child custody case and get proper consultation from a reputed lawyer. If you are in search of a lawyer, you can search for a good lawyer in your area at online sources. Follow the above-mentioned instructions for getting the best results in your child custody case. Best of luck with your child custody case!

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