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Chichen itza tours from merida

Chichen itza tours from merida is one of the contemporary world’s seven wonders, and the only one in Mexico. 

Swim in a magnificent cenote and explore one of Mexico’s most stunning Magic Towns, Valladolid, and Yucatán.

On this chichen itza tours from merida, you may view the Great Ball Game, the Temple of the Warriors, Kukulcan’s pyramid, the Observatory and more. 

On the Chichen Itza trip, you may learn about the Mayans, cool down in a spectacular cenote, and explore Valladolid, a beautiful Magic Town.

The glittering remains of Chichén Itzá once anchored the Maya kingdom in Central America.

In its whole, the complex tells much about the Maya and Toltec perspective of the cosmos, which was closely linked to the Yucatán Peninsula’s dark night sky.

 That the Toltecs arrived approximately 1000 B.C., causing a fusion of the two cultural traditions, is reflected in this magnificent step pyramid.

Coba is better than Chichen Itza or Tulum for history aficionados who wish to escape the crowds, explore ruins in a tropical setting, and go on an adventure.

The temple’s four sides have 91 stairs each, while the top platform has 365.

Maya science created a 365-day calendar, among other feats. By nightfall, this ghostly snake joins a stone serpent head at the foot of the pyramid’s main stairway.

Tulum tour from playa Del Carmen

Tulum tour from playa Del Carmen, you may see Mayan ruins on the Mexican Caribbean. Tulum tour from playa del Carmen is the most famous destination on the Quintana Roo coast, due to its unique position and preservation of its structures and murals. Maya built almost 1500 years ago.

You will also visit Cobá, a Mayan site where you may climb to the top of the largest pyramid in the area. It’s great! Then you can cool yourself in the crystal clear waters of a cenote, which means “Cave with water” in Mayan.

After the infectious party tour of Playa del Carmen, you may explore Fifth Avenue and its stores and bars. Enjoy the finest of the Riviera Maya in one trip!

How much is it to enter Tulum Ruins?

The ruins are 70 pesos. Sundays are free for residents and nationals. Parking for a vehicle is 160 pesos, which has lately increased to absurd levels.

 To get to the entrance, a tractor-pulled train costs 25 pesos each trip. If it’s hot and you don’t want to go far, this is a decent choice. Water and food are more expensive here, so pack a bottle of water.

What are the ruins’ hours?

The ruins are accessible daily from 8:00am to 5:00pm. However, you must arrive before 4:30pm since entry is limited. So you have 30 minutes to look around and leave before they close.

Visit Tulum Ruins

You may hire a guide at the entry and be shown all the sights inside the walled city. It’s not that big. The turquoise waves that lap the beaches immediately below the ruins are what makes them unique.

Guides are available beside the admission counter. All recommended prices are negotiable. A group of 4 or more should be charged extra. 

A sluggish day or bad weather may result in a reduced pricing. Generally, tour guides cost 500-700 pesos. Tour guides will have valid ID and be trained.

Carry or wear a swimming suit to jump in the water. It’s a nice change from the ruins. There are no restrooms on the beach, so a towel will come in useful.

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