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The most luxurious restaurants in Chicago also have opulent buildings. Some of the best chefs in the world may progress their modern food art at these amazing restaurants in The Windy City because of its expansive art deco architecture. Even eating it is possible.

Here are the best 10 Luxury restaurants in Chicago you must visit.

The Best Chicago Restaurant

1. Alinea

Grant Achatz, a three-Michelin-star chef, uses his Lincoln Park restaurant as a theater. Enjoy the performance as it unfolds; it’s a masterfully organized journey that plays with notions of “normal” cuisine while remaining firmly rooted in season, flavor, and faultless execution. Squab with peppercorn custard, sorrel, and strawberry and cocoa-coated watermelon with cubed Kobe beef were two previous menu stunners. Yet if you’re in the crowd, you never know which dish will be the star.

2. Oriole

One of the West Loop’s undiscovered gems is Oriole. You wouldn’t necessarily expect to find a restaurant with these prices in a shady alley. Nevertheless, Noah Sandoval, the restaurant’s owner and chief chef, serves these two Michelin-starred meals and has room for up to 28 guests at once. Despite its reputation, the restaurant takes pleasure in offering a friendly, cozy dining environment that comprises an elegant dining room and an open kitchen.

3. Bonci Pizzeria

This is not a Chicago deep dish. For those who have never had it, the characteristic crust of Roman pizza is a delectable contradiction: it is spongey (like focaccia), crispy, and toothsome. Twenty different topping combinations, such as crispy pancetta and poached eggs, paper-thin potato slices and rosemary, and occasionally even octopus, are really provided by weight. The options change daily. Don’t be afraid to try new things; take a number and wait to be called. If you’re looking for a quick snack or want to impress a date with your pizza worldliness, Bonci is a casual alternative in a neighborhood known for its special occasion dining.

4. Spacca Napoli

Owner and head chef Jonathan Goldsmith has perfected the technique of making Neapolitan-style pizza, having previously worked in social work and real estate. These golden-crusted discs with seasonal toppings are the real deal; there is no deep dish here. High-quality ingredients and a commitment to technique helped Spacca Napoli pizzas establish their legendary status. It’s the ideal place for families and takeout and has a relaxed, cozy atmosphere.

5. Next

A rare—and esoteric—way to adhere to a very particular idea of what excellent dining may entail is to eat at Grant Achatz’s follow-up to Alinea. Every three months, that vision shifts, ranging from French cuisine to Italian favorites to contemporary plates that don’t even resemble meals. How does it relate to Alinea, you might be asking? You may anticipate a more enjoyable dining experience here that doesn’t sacrifice flavor or exploration.

6. Kasama

A chameleon is Kasama. The longanisa breakfast sandwich served at this Filipino restaurant in Ukrainian Village during the day may tempt any habitual snoozer out of bed. It becomes a classy eating establishment with gentle lighting at night. The kind service and wonderful food had us wishing every meal had a “instant replay” option, whether we were just stopping in for lunch or celebrating an anniversary with a $235, 13-course dinner. Yet if getting locked in a never-ending cycle meant getting to again enjoy dishes like their pear granita halo-halo and their umami-packed mushroom adobo with mussel emulsion, we’d be happy to do it.

7. Blackbird

Visit this popular restaurant on the West Loop if you want to sample some of award-winning chef Paul Kahan’s specialties. Although the restaurant’s seasonal menu is constantly changing, you can count on finding mouthwatering dishes like beef tartare served with kusshi oysters, cornichons, and grilled brioche; dry-aged Slagel striploin with farm beets, boquerones, and brown butter; and sturgeon grilled in a banana leaf with coconut milk, kimchi, and mustard greens.

8. Boonie’s Filipino Restaurant

Joe Fontelera is successful. The talented chef who previously oversaw the kitchen at the Michelin-starred sushi restaurant Arami has launched his own eatery with a lot of significance behind it. In the Lincoln Square neighborhood, where Fontelera’s family initially settled after arriving in America, there is a Filipino-American restaurant called Boonie’s. Discover Fil-Am favorites prepared with a contemporary edge and a lot of excitement, from lumpia to loganissa. It’s a laid-back place that is ready to compete with Kasama as Chicago’s next top Filipino restaurant.

9. Brindille

Every mouthful of Brindille in River North, Chef Carrie Nahabedian’s “passion project,” reveals her love and appreciation for French cuisine. Enjoy some of her specialty dishes, including lamb saddle, squab, and foie gras, all of which are expertly prepared. One of Chicago’s best selections of French wines is available on the wine list. Also, the James Beard Award-winning restaurant’s décor is a “diamond jewel box” with china plates, French linens, and a sophisticated atmosphere. If you wish to sample everything, tasting menus are offered upon request.

10. Mastro’s Restaurant

Illinois and Arizona also have Mastro’s Restaurant locations in addition to this one in Chicagoland. Their renowned seafood towers of crab legs, oysters, shrimp, and more go well with their USDA Prime, 28-day wet-aged beef.

Mastro’s, which has hand-crafted drinks and live entertainment at the bar in the dining room, aims for a more relaxed ambiance than other restaurants on this list. The most expensive item on the menu is a 40-ounce Wagyu Tomahawk cut from beef from Broadleaf Farms that costs $250.

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