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1. Please, describe your company and position.

Seasia Group of Companies is one of the eminent and recognized global leaders in bringing the best and up-to-date business practices with the tools and technologies.

Seasia products and innovations are a must to check upon, that has accelerated the business growth of specific industries.

I, R.P. Singh, CEO of the Seasia Group of Companies, love to work in the core technologies, especially on the emerging trends. I don’t just do business tours but loves mind tour to book splendid success in advance.

Seasia Group of Companies

Seasia group of Companies™ indulges in different spice of technologies and services and its associates- Seasia Infotech (A CMMI Level 5 Company), BugRaptors, Cerebrum Infotech, Woosper Infotech, Moogle, UI/UX Den. We develop robust and creative software products and offer cloud-hosted business platforms.

2. How you’ve handled the pandemic situation, and how you’ve come over from the same?

I believed in our team, and we’ve very well coped up with pandemic that struck worldwide. The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak left us with global economic hardships, especially for businesses. With previous business continuity plans, we couldn’t address the unknown variables of such a global outbreak, but we’ve come out successfully as we kept going on with “Redefined Plans for 2020-2021″. Even in the pandemic, we worked hard and tried to serve out of our comfort zone. We brought an agile response to the pandemic as an enterprise and assured that the entire Seasia family stays indoors while being close in touch with their families. The Covid Task Force executed exemplary tasks by supporting our employees and their families timely in these challenging times.

3.  How does your company stand out from your competitors?

There is not even a single Seasia member who hesitates to come at the forefront. Our focus and vision make our ways more strengthened. This way, companies rely on our techniques and business market theories, especially with implementation. Mainly, we differentiate our products and services over channels, relationship-building building modules, reputation, and price schemes. We offer legendary customer services along with remarkable customer support. Things like being honest with our clients and coming up with something new by adopting the emerging technologies and new processes make us stand out with our unique approaches.

4.   How COVID-19 has affected your marketing strategies, and were you able to onboard new clients in this duration?

We’re trying to get back to “Business as usual” with every new month, and I’m sure every company is! Now, you’re going to listen to the crystal-clear truth, and that is, we were capable of driving more sales and, of course, more revenue with our revamped organizational strategy models. We didn’t just address it peripherally but were more focused on our initiatives and capabilities. We drove customer experiences and decisions on a good scale. Undoubtedly, COVID-19 hasn’t only shifted just lifestyles but business working also. With the unshaken efforts of our team, we built campaigns, defined strategies, and molded them as per the trends to extend clients’ business needs.

5.  What kind of advice would you likely give to the startups?

Every nugget of advice would seem gold to you at first, but what you need to perceive is all in your disciplined schedules. Startups are pure emotions for any founder and it demands quality time and dedicated efforts invested by everyone involved. To get ahead on the right foot, you need to analyze the entire startup journey first and then jump into the reality of the entrepreneurial trenches with a resilient attitude. The secret lies in staying humble and confident while presenting your business voice in front of other entrepreneurs. It should sound like a dynamic axiom that says, “Show rather telling.”

6. What are the challenges and opportunities of serving the clients?

Every customer is different and has a certain set of expectations. It takes real efforts to understand it at once; which is one of the most vital aspects today. Connecting with them and understanding the concerns makes your foundation all set to go. Next, we just can’t imitate what other firms are doing in terms of channel support; as we need to plan it according to our business and support.

 Working with different industrial clients requires an extended knowledge base, and our team has been extremely rewarding in the same. Our behavioral decisions for the associated company help us perform better for the newer and existing clients as well.

7. What’s on your agenda for the next year? 

With a very common example, I’d like to explain this to you. Just as you are over-smart about taking a long car trip and switching on the navigation later where you don’t know the way about, it will only create a mess. Similarly, creating a plan needs your full focus on the bunch of strategies and review part based on your past performances. We don’t wait for December to build the next year’s plan, but we do it alongside learning from the experiences.

Outgrowing the previous shell will be the main agenda for the next year and we are on the verge of experiencing a new horizon that will reflect how the world is entering into the digital space while clinging to the business chores. It’s time for people to lead businesses to get what they are dreaming in their eyes. We are super-ready to double investments in data, AI, and other digital technologies to outshine in realms of business intelligence. Seasia believes in collaborating and inventing every other year!

8. What are you looking forward to in the future?

We’re thrilled about the new technologies that are in progress, and we look forward to working collaboratively with our team. This way, we will welcome new requirements from our clients, and we hope to catch up with the yet to come operating practices. Expanding our services and fulfilling planned things at a better level is all that we’re expecting in the coming years. 

9.  What’s your favorite thing about the industry you are working within?

There is no one day similar to the other. All this credit goes to the continual relationship with the clients and the new ideas and the applications we bestow to them. Every day there is something to learn both from the clients and the team you’re working with. I believe every requirement of the client brings creativity within us and the understanding of untouched tech advancements. I stay excited to come to work and get along with creative and energetic minds.

As being in love is great; for me, being in love with my business is the best. Waking up every day to do what you love is something that I can talk about endlessly. There are days when tossing in your hat starts to seem like a viable choice, but arousing your entrepreneurial personality helps you snap you out from that mentality. It looks greater when you see the charm in the employees’ eyes to take the business to another level.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.