With the growing technology using the manual Roti pressers have gone down on the list. Roti makers are the new trend that helps people making soft and healthy Rotis in their everyday routine. Roti makers work effectively and efficiently and provide effortless cooking to people. On the other hand, the Rotis made with this machine are not only hygienic but also tasty. Today, to get the best roti maker, it is necessary to have a good web search and know all the specifications about the product. Here is the list of the best roti maker in India and their benefits. 



  • The taste of the Rotis made with the modern roti maker is more delicious than the one cooked using Tava. They are not only tasty but also soft and hygienic for people’s health. This is because the roti maker distributes an equal amount of heat on the surface and cooks the best chapatis.
  • The well-cooked chapatis are more digestive than the half-cooked ones. As the roti makers spread the heat equally over the surface, the chances of nutrient properties getting damaged are less. This process will help the roti to bake and cook well. 
  • Cooking Rotis on Tava everyday will consume more gas and money. But, on the other hand, roti making machines are not only time-saving but also consume less energy compared to Tava.
  • To beginners in cooking, the roti maker machine will be the best helpful friend. A lot of practice is needed to flatten the dough on the manual roti maker whereas, electric roti machines helps in making perfectly round and well-cooked chapatis.
  • The best benefit of these machines is they can be used effectively by any person irrespective of gender and age. 


  • A few of the roti makers may not last long due to their untrusted source or the brand. Always remember to buy the roti making machines that have the best rating, reviews and warranty.
  • Compared to the manual wooden chapati maker, the electric roti making machine is a bit difficult to clean after every use.
  • Roti making machines are ideal only for home use as they save time, gas and energy but not for commercial use. 


Here is the list of the best roti maker in India.

  • Prestige PRM 1.0 roti maker
  • Baltra BTR-201 
  • Prestige PRM 3.0 khakra maker
  • Sunflame RM roti maker
  • Eagle RM01 cast iron 
  • Magic Surya chapati maker
  • Bajaj Vacco GO-EZZEE-C-02 chapati maker
  • Bright flame chapati maker
  • Boss B518 crisp chapati maker


Here are the features of the best roti maker:

  • Curved base and best Roti maker machine help in having the best chapatis. This feature guarantees that the chapati spins out round and blown up. 
  • One can modify the temperature of the machine at their convenience. It helps people in knowing the exact time to take the chapati out of the roti making machine.
  • The dough will not stick over the base of the roti making machine as the surface comes with a non-stick coating. This coating helps people to make chapatis effortlessly.
  • The machine includes a power display that lets people know if the chapati making machine is on or off. It also helps one in knowing when to keep the chapati maker to use.


  • One must never forget to buy the best-branded roti making machine. The cost of the top brands would be a little high but, they are long-lasting and worth buying.
  • Look out for the chapati maker that suits the outlook of the kitchen. They include many designs and choices in the market to help people to have the fittest choice.
  • Choose the best chapati maker that is firm yet reaches all the expectations. The size of the product must fill the need of the family and its members.
  • Try to select the chapati maker with 700 to 800 watts of power for having the best cooking experience and well-cooked Rotis.
  •  Choose the best electric roti maker with the largest time warranty and the one that provides a perfect manual for easy guidance. Also, remember to choose the product that includes temperature settings to adjust the temperature whenever needed.
  • Touching the handle multiple times if the part of cooking on chapati makers. So, choose the product for which the handle stays cool all through the time of cooking.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.