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WordPress dominates the website development industry for various good reasons. It helps you design feature-rich e-commerce sites. Also, its numerous templates and WooCommerce plugins can create a robust digital eyewear store.

While there are plenty of e-commerce platforms to build your online eyewear store, WooCommerce is the best one. Firstly, it is free. Secondly, it comes with useful plugins, like eyeglasses Virtual Try-on plugin, eyeglasses lenses prescription plugin, PD measurement, and many more. With these plugins, you can add functionality to your eyewear store and take it to another level.

To ensure a successful online store, you must choose the right plugins that suit your business needs and goals. We tend to overdo it when it comes to implementing plugins and extensions. Of course, the motive is to do good. But using too many plugins can affect the loading speed of your online store, which may cause you loss of potential customers.

If you do not want such instances to happen to you, choose the appropriate plugins for your optical e-store. In this post, we will explain how to pick the best plugin for your WooCommerce store. Also, we will list some of the best WooCommerce plugins to consider for your online eyewear store.

  • Choosing the best plugin for your WooCommerce store

It is a crucial step before you start installing plugins and extensions to your eyewear e-store. Plus, you can determine whether the plugin adds any value to your online business or not. There is no point in installing a plugin if it’s not needed.

If you are worried that the process may take time and effort, you should not. Fortunately, choosing the right WooCommerce plugin is not as challenging as it seems. Whenever you find yourself stuck in deciding to go ahead with the WooCommerce plugin, consider these things.

  • Know your website – Before you choose any plugin, understand what your online store is serving. For example, if you have an eyewear e-store, you will be selling prescription eyeglasses and lenses. It means consider a plugin that makes finding and purchasing prescribed eyeglasses easier.
  • Look for missing features – Do you think your online optical store lacks features that can boost your customers’ experience? For instance, if your store does not allow visitors to check the glasses virtually, you may lose potential customers to those who do. So, make sure you know the missing features that can benefit your digital store significantly.
  • Suit your goals and vision – The next thing you need to consider is if your WooCommerce plugin and theme support your business vision. If the answer is yes, then go ahead and get it installed.
  • Budget-friendly – No doubt WooCommerce plugins can improve the sales of your eyewear products remarkably. But it does not make sense to install plugins that do not fit your current budget.
  • Will it serve a clear purpose? – If a plugin can add the necessary functionality and offer a clear purpose, it is the right choice. On the contrary, if it does not add much value, do not waste your time, money, and space in your store.

These are some things you must know before searching the WooCommerce plugin. By following these tips, you can be sure to make the right choice. Now let us dive into WooCommerce plugins to enhance the potential of your eyewear store.

  • Virtual Try-on plugin – Of course, this has to be on the top of our list for various reasons. It is trendy and allows customers to compare and try eyeglasses virtually. Thus, they can purchase eyeglasses that suit their needs and preferences. If you already have an optical e-store or are planning one soon, theVirtual glasses Try-on plugin is a must-have.
  • WooCommerce PD measurement plugin – WooCommerce PD measurement plugin is another best option for your optical store. With this plugin, your potential customers can add their Pupillary Distance measurement when placing the order. Do you know correct PD is vital for purchasing the appropriate prescription eyeglasses? If not, your potential might end up with eyeglasses that do not feel good and cause dizziness, blurriness, etc.
  • WooCommerce contact lenses prescription plugin – It is a powerful WooCommerce plugin. Also, considered a boon to digital eyewear store owners and buyers because of its abilities and benefits. It allows customers to add lens details for both right and left eyes and ensure the right purchase. On the other hand, store owners can get all the information provided by the customers on the front end.
  • WooCommerce eye glasses lenses prescription plugin – With this WooCommerce plugin, you can build your optical e-commerce site quickly and easily. In addition to this, it enables customers to buy the right lens type. 
  • WooCommerce Google Feed Manager – Using the WooCommerce Google Feed Manager plugin, you can add nearly 100 products to a product feed set up. It is possible if your WooCommerce store meets the Google shopping requirements. Well, this can improve your eyewear products sales remarkably.
  • WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration – It is vital to track the user base that visits your eyewear store daily. Well, this is where WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration comes into the picture. It helps you keep track of all the metrics, and based on it, you can analyze your website traffic performance.

Besides this, there are plenty of WooCommerce plugins that you may consider for your website. However, do not forget to keep in mind the above-discussed considerations when choosing the best plugin.

The bottom line

As mentioned already, WooCommerce is the most preferred option for building eyewear stores due to its numerous features and plugins. But not all plugins can add functionality to store. Therefore, you need to be careful when choosing the plugin for your e-store. Did we mention that you need to have a robust web hosting solution to ensure maximum performance of your store?

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.