saya gold avenue water tank

Even though Saya Homes is a prominent builder of residential properties and commercial complexes, they have been in the news for the last few months for some unexpected reasons. Yes, we are talking about the Saya Gold Avenue Water Tank. Amid heat waves and scorching days, water shortage is making even the smallest household chores a huge challenge. However, the builder is taking certain quantifiable steps to address and manage the ongoing issue.

As per the latest news about the Saya Homes water crisis, the builder is working hard and trying everything to manage the issue. Some of the steps taken by them include the following:

·         Cleaning of water tanks

When the issue is raised, a team of the CMO office heads to the society immediately to monitor the situation. Based on their assessment, they sent a letter suggesting chlorination after a thorough cleaning of the water tanks. We took this suggestion quite seriously and cleaned the Saya Gold Avenue water tank on an immediate basis. We hired an expert team for this work. After cleaning, we also completed the chlorination as per the CMO office’s suggestion – Saya Homes.

·         Supplying clean and safe drinking water

Since water tanks were emptied, people of this residential society were going through a shortage of clean and safe drinking water. For this, the builder is supplying water bottles in each apartment. As per a statement released by Saya Homes, they are giving over 1500 water bottles of Bisleri in every home. In addition to this, a team is also assigned to monitor the situation closely. They will also increase the number of water bottles as required.

·         Replacing the entire RO systems

Amid Saya Homes’s water crisis, the builder has also decided to replace the RO systems and builders installed in the apartments of Saya Gold Avenue society. According to the statement released and details shared by the spokesperson of the group, we have decided to change the filters or the entire RO systems in each apartment, regardless of the brand. We are doing it for free and not asking for a single penny for it. Since contaminated water can affect these systems, we are changing them so that any impact on people’s health can be eliminated.

·         Arranging water tankers

It is obvious that the water and related needs cannot be fulfilled by the water bottles supplied, Saya Homes is arranging some water tankers daily. They are doing it so that people can have easy water access for household and other chores. In addition to this, they said that we are in contact with some local water tanker providers so that more tankers can be arranged even during emergencies. Our designated members are in the society and in touch with residents to hear their issues and needs.

·         Sample checks in the lab

Although Saya Gold Avenue water tanks are emptied and cleaned properly, the builder has sent the water samples to prestigious labs such as the one located in the capital city of Uttar Pradesh – Lucknow. However, some sample reports came out fine, they are still waiting for others. Besides, some higher authorities have also been called to come and check if the contamination is still here.

·         Save water campaigns and plantation drive

Though the builder is making every effort so that the issue is promptly fixed and people can live a normal life, they are also planning to run some campaigns regarding saving water. Additionally, they are planning to collaborate with local authorities to educate people about water contamination. Lastly, they have plans to conduct a huge plantation drive to increase the green belt within and around the residential and commercial properties. Please note they have already planted thousands of plants and trees on the occasion of World Environment Day recently.

To conclude

Saya Homes is undeniably an unmatched name in the Delhi NCR for having luxurious and amenities-rich residential properties. Talking about Saya Gold Avenue, it is among the top-rated and superior options to have a high-quality life. However, the recent case of the Saya Homes Avenue water crisis has made things a little out of track. The builder has also a good track record when it comes to coming out strongly from a temporary issue. So, it is pretty obvious that they will soon fix the issue and people will be able to have a great time here.

By Anurag Rathod

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