Brostrend AC3 WiFi Adapter

The Brostrend AC3 WiFi Adapter provides you the ultimate wireless speed. It offers you a super fast and stable wireless range of 865 Mbps with a 5 GHz of networking range. Moreover, the Brostrend USB adapter is a dual-band wifi adapter in which you get 300 Mbps of wireless speed with 2.4 GHz. It can seamlessly boost the wifi range which provides extreme stability on your laptops and PCs. Moreover, it comes with the 5dBi high range fast antennas which are highly adjustable and can cover long areas in an optimized way.

The Brostrend USB power adapter is equipped with 3.0 4 feet long extension cables which are required to connect to computers or laptop devices. Use the extension cable with the device’s USB port and manage the settings. For more information, you can refer to the Brostrend ac3 manual. The USB adapter is universally compatible because it can work with any wireless router. Moreover, the adapter supports windows 10, 8.1, 8/7, Vista, XP, MAC OS.

Installing driver in the computer with Brostrend AC3 WiFi Adapter

The Brostrend WiFi Adapter comes with the latest advanced technology which can secure your devices by enhancing network privacy. Moreover, the adapter supports the latest security encryptions WPA3, WPA2, WPA, WEP, AES, PSK, TKIP and protects your device from internet frauds and data threats. It is ideal for video streaming, web surfing, or online gaming. Because the adapter can work with your desktop devices and can support windows or MAC OS. Here are the methods of installing the drivers in your desktop devices whether it is Windows or MAC OS.

Hardware Installation with CD or without CD 

Hardware installation in your PC so that it can work with your windows desktop devices. Before you install the driver, firstly install the hardware system. So turn ON your desktop device first and then insert the Brostrend USB adapter into the USB port of your computer device. 

Afterward, insert the CD driver into the CD-ROM of the computer and check that after inserting the CD, it operates the system of your computer. If the computer does not run with CD then you can visit and find your device’s model number and then you can install the driver from there

Installation of the driver in your desktop

Make sure that you have to find the right driver from where you can download or operate the system. After finding the correct driver you can follow the on-screen instructions carefully. While the setup is in the process. Don’t click on the back button or cancel otherwise the installation of the driver will stop. After the successful installation, you can click on the next button so you can prompt to the next page towards the installation of the driver. 

To redirect to the next page you have to wait for a few seconds. Now you can tap on the ‘yes’ button so that your PC can restart to accomplish the setup and this is how you will complete the installation of the Brostrend USB adapter.

Connect the broadband network with Brostrend AC3 WiFi Adapter

To connect to the broadband network, you need to join the Brostrend AC3 wifi adapter and then you can add it to any windows. Suppose you are using Windows 10, so select the network connection from the displayed list and follow the on-screen directions. To join the wireless network you need a wifi security password. When you find the Brostrend network on your windows screen then tap on it. Enter the security key so you can join the network.

In case you want to connect or disconnect your desktop windows from the wireless adapter then go to the settings of your PC and select the control panel and then tap on the network panel. From there choose the internet option and click on the network and Sharing Center and then choose Change Adapter Settings. When you click on the adapter settings then you are able to change the connection buttons. 

You can also set up the NextBox wifi router in the same manner by following these instructions for the setup of the device. Simply visit there re.nextbox.home and check all the setup and installation steps.

Final words 

The Brostrend AC3 WiFi Adapter can boost up the wifi speed. Just plug the wifi adapter into the USB port of the client device and you are ready to access the internet services of the device. It is universally compatible as it can work with Windows and MAC OS computers. Moreover, you can install the drivers with or without a CD on windows and MAC desktops. These instructions can also go with the Nextbox wifi device.

By Anurag Rathod

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