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Bake a delicious cake and then not even eat it? Is it possible for you to study for an important exam and not bother going to the exams? Would you book a trip to your dream place only to stay at home and waste the money you paid for it? Because if you wanted to enjoy the fruits of your work, you wouldn’t do any of these things! In other words, why do so many talented writers spend so much time and money on their manuscripts and books and then do nothing to promote them?

It doesn’t matter how connected our world has become or how hard the sledgehammer of consumerism hits us every day. There are still a lot of authors who think that the news of their new book’s publication will somehow be implanted in our minds. How will anyone know this book exists if it don’t shout it from the tops of the sky? and that’s is the only question you need to ask yourself when you think about your Book Publicity. When you run a good marketing campaign on your book publicity, you have to get people excited about the story you’re telling, make them want to buy a copy and say to their friends about it, and let the quality speak for itself.

The most important thing about publishing in the 21st century is how well they can sell their work. Some literature lovers may be disgusted by this, but it’s true. People in the publishing business make more money now than ever. If a company doesn’t have a well-paid heritage estate, it has to be more competitive. Does anyone like this story? Yes, it will sell. Then what will? We’ve all gotten those horrible rejection letters from literary agents that say our book doesn’t seem to be “commercially viable.” It’s already full of self-indulgent celebrity memoirs, ghost-written children’s stories, and predictable commercial fiction. So what can we do as readers and writers to give our books the best chance in a market already full of these things?

Tips By Global Book Marketing For Making Your Book Into A Hit

Keep an eye on how the cover looks. A big problem we have with our authors is how low they set the bar for making their books look good. As long as you aren’t a graphic designer, don’t make the cover yourself! Images and graphics can help you learn about the competition. Global Book Writers can customized  book layout design perfectly as you need.

Work out what makes your book different. You don’t have to believe your friends who will only say nice things. You need to think like a journalist and look at the story like one. You need to figure out what makes it unique and why people should care about it. When you’re marketing it, make sure to talk about this a lot. Global Book Marketing can you help you out in perfecting your manuscript.

When you use social media, make it work for you! It will help you if you have a good online profile, like a personalized Facebook page. If you work hard to connect with other people and promote your book online, you will see a lot of success. It won’t be enough to have a simple online presence anymore. It needs to be professionally done!

Broaden your media reach. Need help with book marketing? And that’s where you need Global Book Marketing to help you. Even if the author has good writing skills or marketing experience, they will still have trouble getting into the press because journalists don’t want to deal with authors directly. Nobody talks to Dan Brown, so they will not talk to you either. Don’t just think about book reviews. Think about how else you can get your book in the media in a more exciting way than that. A personal story about your book could be interesting to the press, and you could use it to promote your book.

Be ready to work for what you want with Global Book Marketing. Get involved with book groups and give your time, for free, to schools and community literacy centers so that more people can learn to read. It’s a good idea to tour your book and talk about your writing as much as you can.

In the course of your campaign, if you can build a following for your writing, you should hold on to it so that your future books can benefit. Keep your name in the public eye by writing freelance articles for a local magazine or writing book reviews for other books that people might want to read.

If you’re a writer, the best thing, Global Book Marketing can tell you is to embrace the idea of marketing. If you don’t think or like the idea of being interviewed, promoting your book, or being bold and creative to sell it to more people, then your book is likely to end up in a place where unloved and unread books die: the garage, the loft, a  warehouse. Tell people you’ve written a book before they will read it.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.