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In recent times the Cryptocurrency space is growing exponentially, unlike before. This technological era helps people to shift from physical transfer of money to virtual transfer of assets. Nowadays, many types of cryptocurrency are available in the market. Each cryptocurrency has its advantages, disadvantages, and scopes. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two most popular and well-known cryptocurrencies among all the others available in the market.

The main differences between Bitcoin and Ethereum:

The market capitalization of Bitcoin is over $700 billion, and the market capitalization of Ethereum is over $287billion. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency launched in 2009 by an anonymous crypto architect named Satoshi Nakamoto. It promised a decentralized and transparent financial system that would be accessible to all.

Ethereum was released in 2015, and Ethereum is undoubtedly the most actively used blockchain in the world. Ethereum is programmable, and this feature makes this way better than Bitcoin. That feature also broadens the scope and makes it more than just a digital currency. It helps to appear Ethereum as a marketplace for financial services, games, and applications.

Bitcoin is a proper cryptocurrency that can be used appropriately for financial transactions. Ethereum is a token, and it is not dedicated to financial transactions.

Bitcoin has 10 minutes of insurance time for every new token, Ethereum has 10 seconds to 20 seconds insurance time for each new ticket.

Currently, the price of one Bitcoin is $33,849.90, and the cost of one Ethereum is $2,257.58.

Which currency is Best for Investment?

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum have increased in value since their release. It is essential to make the right decision before investing in any digital currency. Ethereum is more than just a cryptocurrency; its blockchain platform work for multiple applications. And lately, Ethereum is losing its touch due to its high gas fees and far more enormous transaction costs.

So when it comes to investing, Bitcoin is a way better choice than Ethereum. Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency at present. It also has the best commercial support, PayPal also enables its crypto capabilities. So it is better to state that Bitcoin should be a better choice for investing in the digital currency market.

Why you should invest in Bitcoin:

  1. Bitcoin has a finite supply, and the collection is limited to 21 Million Bitcoins at most. Once that capital has been reached, no more Bitcoins can be created. This finite number is considered a good feature of Bitcoin. Investors believe this as a store of value and hedge against inflation, and they prefer Bitcoin to make their investment.
  2. Bitcoin is the oldest and most prominent cryptocurrency, and still, it is in an experimental phase. The industry is still new, and all the projects are under development. This development leads to a better outcome. Which is why people choose to invest in Bitcoin.
  3. Ethereum has an unlimited supply, which means it can be created as much as one needs. This feature makes Ethereum unfit for digital currency investment.
  4. Bitcoin attracts the attention of many investors. A growing number of businesses and digital wallets have begun to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, making it extremely popular and investments-oriented.
  5. Bitcoin is the more mainstream-oriented and stable form of digital currency for financial exchange.
  6. Bitcoin is one of the most volatile among all digital currencies. It hits a 10-month high value in terms of volatility. So it can give high returns to the investors in a short period.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Related to Investment:

Though Bitcoin is the most preferred digital currency for investment, it is also essential to know its pros and cons before investing. The Crypto market is a high return and high-risk market. So people should know all the advantages and disadvantages beforehand. The pros and cons of Bitcoin are,


  • Bitcoin is the most used digital currency and widely accepted crypto.
  • The Bitcoin market has potential growth.
  • Bitcoin is based on blockchain technology which ensures the protection against fraud or theft.
  • Bitcoin is a secure way of transaction, and it nullifies all the chances of the unauthorized user interface.
  • The value of Bitcoin is purely dependent on the supply and demand chain so that no other outer interference can ever influence its value.
  • It is fast and easy to use.


  • It is highly vulnerable. The value of Bitcoin can fluctuate each second. So it poses an extreme risk.
  •  Bitcoin never provides 100% anonymity.
  • It uses high energy.


Crypto markets carry high volatility and are always much riskier than any given investment. People should only invest after knowing all the risks properly. With time everything is changing, so does the investment market. Investors are shifting their focus from the physical money market to the digital currency market. Though this digital market has extreme risk, this is the most advantageous due to its high returns. So it is better to invest in Bitcoin for a better outcome and always invest through a trusted platform so that your holdings are safe and secure.

By Anurag Rathod

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