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Bitcoin is a digital asset that is popular worldwide. It was created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. The logic behind the creation of bitcoin is to take over the paper currency. At the time of bitcoin creation, there were no risks associated with it. Nowadays, due to advancements in the internet world, there are some risks associated with bitcoin. You can lose your bitcoin password by malware or spammy links. Hackers can hack it or you can lose your bitcoin wallet. In this article, we have to discuss the recovery procedure for a lost bitcoin Password.

 There are several methods to recover a bitcoin wallet. But such methods are only useful if you have know-how about bitcoin. According to research most users, when they lose a bitcoin password, lose it permanently. The reason is, they try the recovery procedures but do it in the wrong way. So, to recover your bitcoin wallet password contact us. As we have a team of bitcoin cybersecurity specialists who are ready to help you. You have to explain your problem briefly in a good manner with the necessary details. The team will analyze the problem and start working on it. We only charge if we are successful to recover your bitcoin password. We charge only 1 percent of the total amount of bitcoin. 

How to Find lost bitcoin Password on your own?

You can recover a bitcoin password by yourself if you know about the recovery procedure. There are two main procedures to recover a bitcoin password. The first is the simple method to remind the password and check the different combinations of passwords. By using this method, there is a possibility to recover a lost password. The method to recover a lost bitcoin password is the use of a password cracker.

There are some tools available online tools available that crack the password. Some tools are operated online and some of them are downloaded first and operated after installation. Every tool has its requirement. You have to enter the information correctly according to the requirements. Otherwise, you will lose bitcoin permanently. These tools generate all possible combinations of private keys. These keys are checked one after the other. The key that matches and at which you get access to bitcoin is your password. Before selecting any tool, first, read the reviews and then use the tool. 

How to keep bitcoin Password-safe?

The most frequently asked question that most bitcoin users ask is” is bitcoin safe?” Bitcoin is purely a digital currency that is kept in the wallet to keep it safe. But still, there are some security lacks through which it can be hacked and lost. To keep bitcoin safe you can use bitcoin wallets that are of two types i.e offline and online wallets. Let’s discuss how to keep bitcoin code safe? Bitcoin code or password is the key through which you can access bitcoin.

If you lose this key, you will lose the bitcoin. People buy bitcoin from their savings but they forget about it. Almost 20 percent of new users lose bitcoin passwords. To keep the bitcoin code safe there are different methods. You can create a backup of a bitcoin code, write the code in a diary, or enable two-factor authorization, keep the code offline, use a secure internet connection, don’t use unreliable online services. Some spammy links and malware can affect your bitcoin assets. So don’t click on the unknown or spammy links and use up-to-date antivirus. 

How to find lost bitcoins?

Bitcoin can be lost and you can recover it back but during the recovery, there is a possibility that some of the bitcoins vanish permanently. Stefan Thomas is a guy who lost $321M worth of bitcoin. But he recovered only $220M worth of bitcoin the rest are lost. To find lost bitcoin you must have some necessary information about the bitcoin. If you have any of the bitcoin addresses, or private keys you can easily recover your bitcoin.

Some other information is also helpful while recovering a bitcoin. If you have a 12-word recovery phrase you can recover your bitcoin wallet. When you create a bitcoin wallet you get a 12-word phrase. This recovery phrase is used to recover the bitcoin wallet password or bitcoin password. You can also find your bitcoin if you have this recovery phrase.

By Anurag Rathod

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