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Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is the capital and political center of the United States. Washington is more than the white house and politics. Love the cherry blossoms, awesome art, and rad museum and don’t forget the vibrant food culture. To our pleasant surprise, El Al Israel airlines check in there are plenty of cheap restaurants in Washington D.C. that offer breakfast, steak, and more.

Cuisines Of Washington, D.C.

Is diverse, and you can taste a wide variety of cuisines here. From American cuisine to steakhouses, you can enjoy everything in these beautiful destinations. You can also dine at a variety of affordable restaurants where you can save money on a variety of cuisines.

The Well Dressed Burrito

Is a casual, quick and convenient meal serving delicious Mexican food. Their burritos are classic and have earned their reputation. Wdb makes no compromises on quality and portion. This small, fast-paced burrito shop in an alley will leave you wanting more. That is really good! 

Amsterdam Falafel Shop

Going vegan and looking for gluten-free options? Then this is the place for you. This Middle Eastern place will have you craving those little Arabic nuggets known as falafel. With a compact and meat-free menu, these falafel and fries come with a choice of 22 toppings and sauces. No exaggeration at all. 

Julia’s Empanadas

The best restaurant in Washington D.C., the first empanadas restaurant to serve fresh and delicious empanadas since its inception. Everyone knows Julia’s and guarantees the taste and freshness of the items on offer. These empanadas are baked fresh every day. As Julia said, “never freeze, always fresh”. These empanadas are made wholesome by carefully selecting fresh ingredients and adding unique spices to make a simple appetizer special.


Is dc’s most authentic Chinese restaurant to date? The noodles are handmade and the dumplings are fresh. You can see them spinning those noodles by hand. The menu is one that serves authentic Chinese food that is not available anywhere else except china. The meats served are grilled to retain all the juices and flavors, and are reasonably priced. This is a little bit of china and a very nice restaurant in Washington D.C. 


Good old neighbourhood Italian deli with food service. They have a byo (bring your own) menu option. Their Minnelli is top notch. Fresh sandwiches, salads, cookies and burritos are tempting. That giant meatball grinder could easily be leftovers. Bellissimo!! 

A. Litteri

An Italian grocer and deli, has been serving some of the best Italian wines for 100 years. This store really has a heartbeat. Their one-of-a-kind signature deli serves some delicious side dishes and authentic pastas. Pasta and marinara are nostalgic and feel at home. So, reserve your seats of El Al Israel airlines reservations and enjoy the new experience of travelling.

Pupuseria La Familiar

Has been dubbed a $20 restaurant by the Washington post. From $2, this budget Washington, D.C. restaurant offers a variety of dishes suitable for drunken nights. There was a time when these Salvadoran snacks were handmade, and this pupuseria remains a classic. Their ham and cheese style pupusa is the perfect meal after a late night at the college park bar.

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