Some are fond of it, while others completely hate it; yes, we are talking about Grocery Shopping. 

Buying Grocery is part of most of our Weekly or Monthly Schedule. But when you have to Shop for Indian Grocery in Foreign land, the task makes anyone’s head spin. The essentials you brought from India couldn’t last, that you have to plan your visit to the Indian Grocery Store in Germany wisely. Otherwise, you will get out of your monthly budget very soon. 

Most of your grocery needs were easily satisfied by the Local Kirana Store back in India, but you need to take a long drive to the Indian Store here in Germany. So, you need to prepare a shopping list, keep a check on your budget, and buy the essential items in bulk. All these could be very hectic.

That’s why we have written this article to make Indian Grocery Shopping in Germany less complicated. Here we will go through a checklist to ease the Buying of Indian Groceries and make it easier to bring you the Best Online Indian Grocery Store in Germany –

So, let’s dive in! And read how to shop Indian Groceries in Germany…

Indian Grocery Shopping Online: Why I Choose Online Shopping?

If you want to avoid driving every weekend to the Indian Grocery Store, searching your list of items on the large shelves, and then stand in those long billing queues, then I have the best solution for you. I also use it, and that is, Buying Grocery Online. 

There are a ton of benefits you get from Online Indian Grocery Shopping in Germany. Especially if you are too lazy to visit the Supermarket like me, you can think of countless benefits. But below, we included the most important advantages of buying Indian Grocery from Indian Grocery Store Online in Germany.

1. Grocery Delivered at your Doorstep

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing groceries from Indian grocery stores online in Germany is their Home Delivery facility. You can easily order your list of items from the comfort of your homes and get it delivered right to your doorstep. In addition, it saves your fuel charges and helps in avoiding unnecessary purchases. Also, through the online tracking facility, you can easily track your order and know the exact date and time of when it will reach you. 

2. Lots of Time Saved by avoiding Supermarket Visits

With Online Grocery Buying, you can save the time wasted in visiting the supermarkets. From driving to the store to looking for a parking spot and purchasing the products, your time is saved when you shop online. In addition, you may binge-watch a TV Show or your favorite movie in that spare time. 

3. Purchase by your Shopping History

Imagine if you visit the Supermarket every time your regular grocery products are already there in your shopping cart. Well, it’s true when you buy Indian Grocery Online. Once you have purchased from an Online Grocery Website, next time, it will start showing your frequently bought products. Thus, it makes your shopping easy and also helps in missing out on some products. 

4. Keep a Check on your Spending

This is another big advantage of Online Grocery Buying. It clearly shows the total amount as you include more items in your Shopping Cart. So, if the total amount goes out of your budget, you may easily remove some of the items without feeling embarrassed. 

5. Heavy Discounts and Offers

The biggest perk of Online Shopping is the great discounts and offers you get. They provide offers in Coupon Codes, Bulk Order Discounts, Cashbacks, and much more. 

Which is the Leading Indian Grocery Store Online in Germany?

Online Grocery Stores have so many advantages, but one of the biggest issues most of us face is Trustworthiness. So many Grocery Stores are claiming to provide Fresh and Hygienic products, but the truth is different. 

Hence, we did some research and found the Best Online Indian Grocery Store in Germany – From services to product quality, everything is Top Class. 

Here are the various features of Indian Grocery Shopping from Dookan –

  • You can buy the most popular Indian Grocery Brands, MDH, Patanjali, TRS, MTR, etc.
  • They provide all the raw ingredients required in Indian Meals, Rice, Flour, Pulses, and Spices.
  • Only Fresh and Hygienic products are sold with proper quality checking.
  • Superfast Delivery through DPD (leading delivery agent in Europe) and their delivery vans
  • Easy Order Tracking and on-time package delivery
  • 14 Day Replacement Policy, if any product found expired or damaged
  • Flat 5% Discount on orders through Mobile App, Promo code MOBILEAPP05 
  • Unlimited Cashbacks, 10% off on orders above 99 Euros, and 15% off above 150 Euros.

For more details, you can visit their official website for Europe “”, and the Czech Republic “”.

How to Shop Indian Groceries in Germany?

To ensure that your groceries never run out, you need to pre-plan them. Here are some tips which will ease the process of buying Indian Grocery Online in Germany.

1. Prepare a Shopping List

Preparing a list of items before doing Grocery Shopping is essential. It will save your time as well as avoid the purchase of unnecessary goods. So, before visiting the Supermarket, always check your Fridge, Kitchen Cupboards, and wash Area. Note down the items which are finished or will be over very soon. 

2. Read Labels and Expiry Dates

Reading the labels will help you choose the best items. Avoid the Food products whose labels read high amounts of sugar & salt, oil, trans fat, sodium. Rather look for goods rich in protein, vitamins, calcium, and fiber. Also, don’t forget to check the “Expiry” or “Best Before” date.

3. Identify your Budget

Before doing the Grocery, you must have a clear budget in your mind; otherwise, you will overspend once the budget tries to stick to it.

4. Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk always helps you save money. Every Grocery Item is less pricey when purchased in large quantities. Further, you also get various discounts or coupons when you make a bulk purchase. So, always prepare your shopping list accordingly. 

5. Stock some Ready-to-Eat Items

The Indian home-cooked food, or as we say in India, “Maa Ke Haath ka Khaana”, is difficult to find in Germany. That’s why it’s good to stock some ready-to-eat meals. It will let you enjoy a wholesome diet on your busy working days. 

Final Words

All of us need to do Grocery Shopping, but we may choose different methods for it. When you visit the Supermarket, there is unnecessary buying and wastage of time. If you have kids, it even gets more difficult. While with Online Indian Grocery Shopping in Germany from – the finest Indian grocery store online in Germany, you may save yourself from wastage of time, money, and worthless hassle. 

By Anurag Rathod

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