Best Hiking Trails in Switzerland

According to the dictionary, hiking means the activity of going for a long walk, but only a true hiker knows that it is much more than that. Hiking is more like self-discovery and finding the paths, and getting in touch with the wilderness. With a copious number of mountain trails, Switzerland stands tall among the hikers. Hiking is one of the most appreciated outdoor activities in Switzerland. And here we present to you the top 10 Hiking Trails in Switzerland.

  1. Hardergrat Trail

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The Hardergrat Trail is one of the most challenging trails, but is still loved by many hikers. The Hardergrat trail consists of an 18km long sharp ridge, hence advised to carry a trekking pole. The Panoramic view of the Brienz Lake on the side makes the whole experience absolutely worth it, make you do not miss this trail while you plan your Switzerland Holiday Packages.The trail is approximately 26 km long in all and takes about 10 hours to complete. The difficulty level increases drastically during the rainfalls. The Hardergrat trails are a perfect spot for all the hikers to increase their abilities. 

  1. Trift Bridge

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The Trift Bridge is a 180m long bridge, located at the height of 100m. It is one of the most astounding pedestrian suspension bridges in the Alps. Not just the bridge but this trail is also renowned for the waterfalls and glaciers around. The hike is 1-2 hours long and is roughly around 6km long. The Bridge annually encounters thousands of visitors and gives it an absolute spot on the to-do list.

  1. Oeschinensee Panorama hike

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Located in the Bernese Oberland is a lake called the Oeschinensee Lake. With its distinctive turquoise shade, the lake is visited by many tourists. During the winters the lake’s water gets frozen and becomes a spot for ice skating. At the same time, the water provides a fun dip during the summers. The hike is 8km long and usually takes 3-4 hours to complete. The hikes end by the lakeside with multiple cafes and shops to buy souvenirs from.

  1. Zermatt Five Lakes Hike

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Combined with snow capped mountains, the breathtaking greenery, and the mesmerising Matterhorn mountain, what else do u need? As the name suggests the Zermatt hike encounters five different lakes that are Stellisee, Grindjisee, Grünsee, Moosjisee, and Leisee. The hike is 9km long and takes almost 2-3 hours to complete. With a perfect combination of hiking as well as swimming, the Zermatt hike is an extremely popular hiking trail.

  1. Aletsch Glacier Panorama

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Among the many other glaciers in Switzerland, the Aletsch Glacier is the largest of all. It falls in Wallis which is the southern part of Switzerland. The Aletsch glacier is 12 km long and usually takes 3-4 hours to complete the hike. The panoramic view offered by the Aletsch glacier is worth every penny and is a must-see place to be visited by every hiking lover.

  1. Matterhorn

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If you are looking for a challenging hike then the Matterhorn is the one for you. Matterhorn is one of the highest summits in the Alps and takes around 8-12 hours to be completed. The trail consists of a variety of segments offering different difficulty levels throughout. Did you know that the pyramid-shaped peak of the Matterhorn faces the cardinal directions, that is North, South, East, and West? 

  1. Val Trupchun Hiking Trail, Swiss National Park

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The Val Trupchun is part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It is also renowned as the valley of natural habitats. The Trupchun trail is a relatively moderate terrain. It spans 14kms and takes about 4-5 hours to complete. The mating period that is September end is considered as one of the best times to visit. One can also witness the view of the very rare ‘bearded vulture’’ if patience and time are invested.

  1. Bachalpsee

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If you are a beginner to the hiking culture, worry not Switzerland has something to cater to all its tourists. The Bachalpsee is the iconic trail recommended for the novice. It is a very short distance trail and takes a maximum of a couple of hours to and fro. The scenic view and the calmness are worth every single dime. The Bachalpsee is an absolute place to be visited for a less exhausting and recreational hike.

  1. Rigi Panoramic Trail

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The Rigi mountain is the best of both worlds. With over 120 km of trails, the Rigi mountain provides various pathways to follow, from leisurely walking to high endurance demanding trails. With its multiple options, the Rigi hike is considered the best hike to choose when planning for a trip with family. No matter what path you choose, Rigi’s beauty will leave you in awe of it.

  1. Seealpsee

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Lastly, the Seealpsee is a lake situated in the Alpstein region of Zurich. Blessed with an abundance of hiking trails throughout the region, this one is the most leisure-seeking. The lake can be reached by just walking up a service road by Wasserauen. It is approximately 2.5 km long and takes almost an hour to reach. It is the best option when looking out for a relaxing day.

And with that, we have come to the end of the 10 best hiking trails in Switzerland. Look at these handpicked hiking trails which would perfectly match your imagination and expectations of Switzerland vacation.

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