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As the hair transplant has come up as an effective solution to an existing problem, several hair transplant centers can be seen in the market. The competition among the doctors and clinics has increased tremendously, keeping the patients confused about whom to choose for the treatment. 

But, many parameters and factors can help you finalize a specialist or hair transplant center to get the new set of hairs. This article will list some crucial factors to consider while selecting the best hair transplant doctor in Jaipur. 

Qualification Of The Doctor

People often get scammed by the hair transplant clinic or doctors with fake certificates. It’s an alarming situation, but you can tackle it by verifying the qualification of the specialist. 

No one would dare to put their head in the hand of an inexperienced or less qualified doctor. So, to verify the qualification or expertise of the doctor, visit the clinic once to discuss your condition. If you are satisfied with their approach and procedure, you can start the hair transplantation treatment. 

Doctor’s Experience¬†

The doctor’s experience helps in elevating the patient’s trust in the treatment. Every surgeon or specialist isn’t trained or experienced in conducting hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is an artistic skill that requires immense stability and patience from the doctor. 

Moreover, with newly coming techniques like FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), doctors will need to improve their technique and learn new things. Hence, experienced and advanced doctors are a better option for hair transplantation in Jaipur. So, do check the experience of the doctors before consulting them for the treatment. 

Success Rate

How do you determine the service quality of the hair transplant center? The success rate of the transplants done at the center shows the effectiveness of the treatment done. 

Moreover, the success rate also motivates new patients to trust the doctors, clinics, and treatments they use for hair transplantation. It is essential to ask for the success rate during the first visit to the clinic to avoid unnecessary losses. 

Patient Reviews

Whatever we purchase or take service, we look for reviews from previous customers. Similarly, taking thoughts from earlier patients is essential for hair transplantation. These reviews are highly effective in finalizing a center for hair transplantation. Moreover, some patient reviews also recommend the best hair transplant doctor in Jaipur. The reviews are available on the Internet, or if you know any patients personally, ask them directly. 

Technology Used For The Treatment

Currently, we can find several hair transplantation centres in Jaipur. Some of these centres have been operating for a decade, while a few are newly introduced. The freshly introduced centers might not have the experience, but they have the technology that older centres might lack. 

So, to match the technology level, the more senior and experienced hair transplantation centre should improvise their techniques by implementing the latest technologies. 

As a patient, you must check whether the doctors are conducting the treatment using the latest techniques or not. 

Cost of the Treatment

The cost of the hair transplantation treatment varies depending on multiple factors. Some factors in determining the price include the number of grafts, severity of the scalp condition, the extent of baldness, etc. 

But, the cost of each graft varies between different hair transplantation centers. Moreover, the per-session charges are differently charged by different doctors. So, go through a brief check before finalising any hair transplant centre. 


Hair transplantation might cost people lakhs, so why do they compromise the quality? Every patient’s duty and right to verify the best hair transplant doctor in Jaipur before heading for the procedure. As assistance, we have listed some of the crucial points that can help patients choose a hair transplant doctor.

By Anurag Rathod

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