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Dubai and the rest of the UAE is a world-famous tourist hub. If you have any doubts, check out the latest reports. According to various reports, the UAE welcomes millions of tourists each year. The UAE tourism industry contributes billions to the GDP. As a tourist or even a local, there are numerous places to visit in Dubai.

For example, you can check the malls, go dune bashing, or try the local cuisine. Speaking of food, Dubai is famous for its food. If you ever find yourself in Dubai, we recommend that you try the local cuisine at least once. But instead of opting for high-end hotels and restaurants, we request that you opt for dinner cruises in Dubai. They are referred to as dhow cruise locally.

If you need information on what is the best dhow cruise dinner, this article is for you. Let’s start with our list of best dhow cruise dinners in Dubai.

Marina Cruise

Without a doubt, one of the best dhow cruise dinners in Dubai is the Marina Cruise. It is a 90-minute cruise that lets you explore the Dubai Marina at night in its full elegance. The best thing about Marina Cruise is the food. You can find buffet food that is rich in foreign and local cuisine. Apart from this, you get to enjoy live music and entertainment. People can opt for the open deck or the fully air-conditioned area. We recommend the open-air deck for the best experience.

Deira Creek

Next on the list is the Deira Creek dinner dhow. Unlike the Marina Cruise, it takes guests on a two-hour journey along the Deira Creek. The dhow has three levels of seating, including an open-air area. Guests get to enjoy a 5-star dinner buffet, Wi-Fi and live Arabic performances. If you have transport issues, the Deira Creek dinner dhow also offers to pick and drop facility.

Luxury Canal Dinner Cruise

Next on the list of best dhow dinner cruise in Dubai is the Luxury Canal. It takes customers through the artificial Dubai water canal. But that’s not the end as it also takes customers under the waterfall on the Sheikh Zayed Road. Unlike its predecessors, it offers a 3-hour journey, which means that you get to enjoy the real beauty of Dubai for an extended period. On the dhow, you get a 5-start buffet featuring the local and numerous international cuisines. You also get a complimentary kahwa after boarding the dhow.

Alexandra Dhow Cruise

It is another marina cruise, meaning it offers customers a 2-hour scenic journey of the Dubai marina. The dhow offers live singing and dancing, a major attraction for foreigners. Unlike the previous dhows we discussed, this one has a limited buffet. But don’t let this put you off from trying the Alexandra. The buffet dinner includes five types of salad and seven main-course dishes. In dessert, you have the options of four delicious dishes. Lastly, customers have access to unlimited non-alcoholic drinks, another great offer by the marina dhow.

Bateaux Dubai Dinner Cruise

The next on the list takes customers through the historic creek. Customers can experience the old and new Dubai on this journey. The best thing about this dinner cruise is the dhow itself. It is a marvellous piece of construction, and the interiors are made using sleek glass. It certainly adds to the dhow’s beauty and customer experience. The dhow features live dancing and singing performances. The dinner is prepared by experienced chefs, meaning that your taste buds will savour each bite. It also serves alcoholic drinks, which is another plus point.

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