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Sailing and fishing are among the most enjoyable treats you can give to yourself.

And the thing that acts as an unsung hero is your precious boat. You want your boat to stay in top-notch condition for a long time.

But do you know what the culprit is?

The sea-water itself!

Yes, my friend.

But what can save my boat?! You may wonder.

It’s a saltwater washdown pump.

The savior, the rescuer, the protector!

See what happens is that sea-water is rich with salts and salts are extremely corrosive to metal decks on your boat.

When you catch those fish or crabs and throw it onto your boat deck, it brings mud with them and salty seawater splashes are common.

In fact, the entire marine environment is full of salts. Salts react chemically with the material of your boat and corrodes them gradually.

But worry not!

In this article, we bring you 6 amazing benefits of a saltwater washdown pump.

Read on to find them out.

But Wait? What is a Saltwater Washdown Pump?

Before we delve into those fantastic benefits of a saltwater washdown pump, let’s get to know what a saltwater washdown pump is.

You may already know it, many may not even aware that there is a device that can help them keep their boat safe from saltwater and salt.

Here we go. A saltwater pump is a small water pump that is capable of washing your deck in an easy effortless manner as it has got sufficient water pressure.

You may wonder, what powers it.

Well, they are portable and equipped with a durable long-lasting battery.

Most modern pumps are also equipped with overheating-protection, circuit breaker, nifty hose, nozzle, and filter-system and of course, pressure-switch and pressure-gauge.

Saltwater Washdown Pump: 6 Benefits you may not have thought of

Now that we know what a saltwater washdown pump is, we shall dive into our main topic – the 6 benefits of a saltwater washdown pump.

1. Saves your boat from damage due to salt

Due to its corrosive nature, sea salt damages the boats’ metal and other materials gradually and thus reduces the boat’s longevity.

Your precious boat engine is also at risk if exposed to sea-salt for a longer period.

So, it is essential to keep your boat clean regularly.

Yes, you can clean your boat while off-shore and manually. But it can be tedious and labor extensive.

A saltwater washdown pump makes the job a breeze for you.

With its high-pressure water flow, you can wash your entire boat in a flash.

It allows you to get rid of all the salt residues in a matter of a couple of minutes instead of hours of hard labor.

2.  Get rid of all those deck-junks without any hassle

Salt isn’t the only enemy of your boat. A boat used for fishing gets dirty way too quickly.

Whether you need to get rid of sea-gull poop, fish-blood and scale, mud and other sea-weeds that came along with your anchor, doing the cleaning and washing with a washdown pump is much easier and requires fewer efforts.

Yes, you can wait to get off-shore and then do the cleaning, but the junks that were once wet and gooey soon get hard like concrete and don’t easily come off.

Also, the wastes do make your boat stinky and leave a foul smell.

3.  Installing a saltwater washdown pump is easy

The best part of installing a saltwater washdown pump is that even a mere noob that can read and follow the user manual can install it.

You won’t need to hire a professional and you won’t need any expertise either.

4.  Overheating protection for extended use

Unlike other regular washdown pumps that have issues with getting overheated, a saltwater washdown pump is free from this issue.

Regular pumps can’t be used for an extended period, instead, they have to be cooled off before using again. This isn’t the case for saltwater washdown pumps.

5.  No upkeep

Saltwater washdown pumps are durable and built-to-last.

Unlike other types of washdown pumps which require frequent maintenance, saltwater washdown pumps require little to no maintenance.

They are robust and strong enough to give you maintenance-free service for a long time.

6.  Low cost

You may wonder, if it comes with so many benefits the price tag must be huge.

Not at all!

Surprisingly though, these high-performance saltwater pumps are very budget-friendly and affordable.


Considering all the perks a saltwater washdown pump offers, I wonder why it is not included on every boat as a piece of standard equipment!

Regardless, your investment in a saltwater washdown pump can’t go wrong and you will thank me later.

Your boat is precious to you and a saltwater washdown pump is precious to your boat.

It will help you keep your boat clean and safe and will make the process of washing and cleaning a lot more effortless and enjoyable.

By Anurag Rathod

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