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Benefits of foundation Repairing

Benefits of foundation Repairing

After years of construction, the foundations of our houses deteriorate. Cracks and breaks appear on it, which makes it weaker. We should repair our foundation whenever we see issues in it. If it gets damaged seriously, the repairing process will be more costly and time-consuming.

Foundations are formed with brick, cement, and sand. The construction can be damaged due to reasons like wet soil, inadequate draining system, and others. You can repair it with the help of experienced contractors and get rid of all issues.

What are the benefits we get with foundation repairing?

Foundation is the base of our house. So, any damage to our foundation will damage our home. That is why maintaining the foundation is essential. Here are some of the benefits of foundation repairing.

It enhances durability

Repairing anything enhances its durability. When you fix all the creaks and damages on your foundation, it lasts longer. If you hire the best foundation company, they will repair it in such a way that your foundation will stay protected from any future damages as well.

It ensures safety

Foundation is one of the main parts of a home. Living in a home with a weak foundation is quite risky. Therefore, experts suggest, we must repair our foundation even if we detect any minor issue. Thus, we can ensure that we are living in a safe house.

It enhances the value of a home

Repairing your foundation will enhance the value of your home. Everyone wants to invest in a well-maintained house. Thus, houses with a firm foundation are always valuable. Moreover, once you repair the foundation, you can enjoy the benefits for years.

It is a beneficial investment

Sometimes, the bricks or the concrete of our foundation get damaged due to the drainage system or the poor condition of the soil surrounding it. In such cases, you must opt for concrete block foundation repair. The repairing cost is affordable and useful.

It brings stability

A house with a poor foundation lacks stability. Repairing the foundation with strong grade beams and piers will provide the required support. The contractors can install as many beams as needed to make your house stable. Thus, your foundation will be able to hold the whole structure of your house.

Foundation repairing is an essential step towards maintaining the stability and safety of your house. So, hire the best contractors and make the foundation of your house durable.

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I moved to the Bay Area from Pasadena (LA) in 1976 to attend UC Berkeley and study Anthropology (go Bears!). After graduation I worked as a river rafting guide, seasonal firefighter, lifeguard, swimming instructor, and scuba diving instructor at UC, teaching scientific diving to students who wanted to do underwater research in Biology.

In 1979 I started my own handyman business called “Jim of All Trades”. I received my license as a General Contractor in 1983, doing mostly small remodeling projects.

In the early 90’s, my crew and I began doing foundation replacement, drainage systems, and earthquake retrofitting. We found that structural repair was really our niche, and we began to focus on becoming the best in this part of the business. We bought our first bobcat and dump truck and never looked back.

With continuing education. I received as a Certified Graduate Remodeler through NAHB, a Certified Structural Repair Specialist though NAWSRC, and a Building Performance Contractor through CBPCA and Build-it Green.

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