DevOps Training in Noida

The world now operates on a digital level every day. With the sharp increase in the rise of the digital market, businesses are becoming virtual too. AWS, aka Amazon Web Service, is the most popular cloud platform.

It provides more than 90 services for management, storage, database, artificial intelligence, etc. Since cloud computing is the hottest trend of the market right now, AP2V provides AWS cloud practitioner certification training to prepare the candidates for the role of a cloud practitioner and secure their future.

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What is an AWS cloud practitioner?

AWS cloud practitioner gives high-level knowledge about the Amazon Web Services (AWS). Since Amazon Web Service provides numerous services, an AWS cloud practitioner does not go deep in any service but explains the basic knowledge and structure of Amazon Web Services.

Course brief:

AWS cloud practitioner course is designed according to the needs of both candidates and the present market. Our esteemed AWS cloud practitioner course in Noida is developed by the top teachers who are also part of the current market. Our teachers understand the market demands, and thus we have the proper strategy for our candidates to secure their future.

Here is the list of things the enrolled students will learn at AWS cloud practitioner certification:

  • The candidates will be introduced to Amazon Web Services, and they will learn the procedure to compute in the cloud.
  • The students will be provided a thorough knowledge of storage and databases.
  • The enrolled candidates in AWS cloud practitioner training will get the idea of migration and innovation. In addition, they will learn about the cloud journey too.
  • The candidates will be able to differentiate between hybrid clouds and all in one cloud.
  • The students enrolled in the AWS cloud practitioner course will get a detailed knowledge of Amazon Web Services security.

Every module is a stepped process, and the candidates learn at their own pace. The AWS cloud practitioner training is available both offline and online. If you cannot travel to Noida to get the training of the course, you can take AWS cloud practitioner training online. Our mentors guide you thoroughly in the online course too.

Why should you opt for the AWS cloud practitioner course?

A systematic approach is necessary to understand the concepts of Amazon Web Services thoroughly. We understand the importance of this approach. It is why our course starts from the basic level and takes the candidate to the advanced level. We provide test series along with a continuous evaluation to track the progress of the student.

Here are the additional benefits of our course which enrolled students will get after becoming the AWS certified cloud practitioner:

1. The candidates will grab a high paying job:

The AWS cloud practitioner certificate gives you recognition in the market. Since the demand for cloud computing professionals is continuously growing in the market right now, companies are paying a high salary to individuals who possess a deep knowledge of cloud computing and Amazon Web Services.

2. The candidates will develop the DevOps skills

DevOps combines development and operation services to provide valuable services to the customers and profit to the business. With the AWS cloud practitioner certification, the candidates will develop DevOps skills too.

In the present times, every budding business and organization requires DevOps skilled individuals, so our AWS cloud practitioner course in Noida opens a new set of opportunities for our candidates in this field.

3. The candidates will be prepared for the future

Undoubtedly, cloud computing is the future of the digital industry. Since every company and business is going digital, the candidates having the certification will inevitably be valued more. In this way, our certification ensures the future of our enrolled candidates.


1. Who can opt for this course?

Candidates interested in cloud computing and who want to get placed in a high-paying top IT company can opt for this course.

2. For how much time online courses are available?

Our AWS certification cloud practitioner course is available for a lifetime. Candidates can access it any time and brush their concepts.

3. Is this course affordable?

Of course. AP2V has made AWS cloud practitioner certification cost affordable for everyone. In case you cannot pay total fees at a time, we also take fees in installments.

4. What are the prerequisites of this course?

The interested candidates should have basic knowledge of IT services in Amazon Web Services. In addition, the candidates should have experience of six months in AWS cloud services.

5. Will I get guidance after course completion?

Yes. Our mentors keep on guiding you for the interviews and exams after the completion of the course too.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.