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In the past few years, every human being has shifted its focus to a healthy lifestyle. Still, in the course of managing the schedule, you tend to harm your health, though unintentionally. Even your basic concepts may chuck up the sponge, which can be harmful to your health. The best thing is, you can evade these mistakes.

Therefore, learn the below given ten awful mistakes that you may be committing in your daily routine.

Brushing teeth too hard:

People brush their teeth twice a day to remove teeth stains, bad breath, and painful gums. There’s no doubt, this exercise will keep your dental health in good condition, but it’s partially true. Hard brushing will weaken your gums and enlarge the gaps between your teeth. So, fight against the germs through gentle brushing, also floss your teeth every night to make them cavity-free.

  1. Sneezing into your hands:

Sneezing or coughing covering your mouth is a good habit, but all that matters is how we do it. Many use hands to cover up and then shake hands with the same when they greet people. It can spread infectious germs from one person to another. So, it’s basics to use tissue whenever you sneeze. Or, aim it into your elbow but not your hands.

Pressing your face into a pillowcase:

We all agree sleeping wrinkling your face into a pillow is the most comforting position. But it is not safe for your face skin; it causes trauma to it. Over time, it can become severely dangerous by the fiction of the cotton. Further, when your collagen breaks down, it will lead to the occurrence of permanent wrinkles. Hence, either change your sleeping style or change your pillowcases to satin.

Sitting in the wrong position:

Many people sit in their happy position, slouching the body, and bending in chairs until that results in back pain. Additionally, people also use chairs that have 90 degree-angled backs; it directly impacts your spine. God hasn’t made our body to sit for long hours, bending towards the computer. So, we would recommend you changing your sitting position to avoid visiting physiotherapists and orthopedists.

Refusing to take nature’s call:

Most people get so engrossed in their work that they ignore taking nature’s call. Let us make one thing very clear – holding your pee is no way to live life. Not only will it give you discomfort, but also affect your health down the road. Healthwise, it can cause your bladder to extend and put confidence in bacteria to grow, leading to a kidney infection. Henceforth, don’t resist to urinate and help yourself stay away from the contamination.

Excessive intake of caffeine:

Generally, there’s nothing wrong with the intake of extra cups of coffee or tea. But if the Starbucks workers know you by name, then you may be overdoing it. Excessive intake of caffeine will escalate your heart rate, affect your sleeping patterns, and cause headaches. So, our advice would be to make a switch to tea that’s healthy; organic tea has several benefits that you merely can’t ignore.

Snacking anytime and too much:

It is fine to snack when there’s a long stretch in having your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Otherwise, your stomach will start to rumble. Though snacking will keep your hunger reserved for a while, you shouldn’t have too much and at any time. If you manage to have healthy food with proper proportions, then you can consider snacking in between but remember, not all day long.

Using the wrong method for bathing:

We all have a bath at least once a day (well, most of us) and think that we are doing it correctly. But the truth is your method is wrong! Bathing with too much soap foam and rinsing a lot with loads of water may strip out the outer layer of your skin. Further, it can cause skin infections. So, don’t use too much foam and scrub less while bathing.

Ignoring to check yourself:

Who all checks their private body parts regularly? Performing a simple health check-up at home could save you money as well as your life. Otherwise, women must follow save money can have breast cancer, while men can go through with testicular cancer. So, women should check their breasts, armpits, and hips for any pimples or irregularities. And men should check their testicles for any lumps or swelling, tenderness, or change in size.

Holding back the stress:

All the readers out there, we are sure you must not be surprised to hear it out; we all do this. However, learning to cope up with the stress and opening up rather than bottling up can work better. You must be knowing that a high level of stress leads to heart attacks, blood pressure problems, as well as a weak immunity system. So, open up about your stress, and search for a listening ear for yourself.


All of us are vulnerable to make the above-listed mistakes unintentionally due to hectic schedules. Once you know its root cause and extent of damage, it becomes easy to avoid it in the future. So, stay alert and stay healthy.

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