aquarium overflow box

The aquarium overflow box is used as a sump in the filtration process. Here the sump means it is a hollow in where the liquids get collected. It is especially used as lubricating oil in the lubrication system of the combustion engine. So for the filtration process, you have to take the sump near to the water tank. But now the question arises that how to bring the sump near to the water tank? To resolve this problem, you need to do the plumbing systems. The aquarium overflow box it works as an entry point for the sump.

It is used to filter out the water at the top of the aquarium. And help to keep the tank or the water surface clean. An overflow box is segregated by two chambers: a slotted box in the inside of the tank and another box for the outside of the tank. The water flows from the inside chamber to the outside chamber, which helps prevent the flow of unnecessary water flow to the tank. 

Why overflow box necessary for aquarium?

An aquarium, people used to keep many fishes at a time, and at the time, when the fishes roam around, the waters get overflow situation. So, when more fishes are present at an aquarium, sometimes the fishes can be stuck in the connection pipe, causing water overflow. So if we use the aquarium overflow box, it will be a barrier between the display and the pipe used for drainage, which may give fewer chances to the fishes to stuck in the pipe. And in this way, the overflow box can prevent the tanks from getting overflow. Though there are several ways to get rid of the overflow problem for aquarium but the overflow box is the most secure thing to do for sure.

How overflow boxes are works?

An aquarium overflow box is a device which fixed in the lip of an aquarium. When water is taken out from the aquarium, it is delivered to the sump present under the aquarium. In the sump, the water filtration process is carried out. There is a pump also present within the sump, which helps the waters return to the aquarium. In case the water level is rising in the aquarium, to complete a full cycle, the waters are coming back to the overflow box. 

Advantages of having an overflow box for the aquarium

The overflow box helps send the dirt water to the external chamber (as I have mentioned above about the external chamber).

An aquarium overflow box helps in surface skimming. So surface skimming can help to provide more oxygen to the water. The fishes also can plenty up oxygens through this process. 

Some organic molecules are formed at the surface of the aquarium, which can work as the protein for the fishes present within the aquarium. 

The overflow boxes products

Internal aquarium overflow boxes, Eshopps hang-on-back overflow boxes, CPR overflow boxes, Xaqua overflow boxes, Aqua lifter vacuum pump & accessories, Eshopps external overflow boxes, etc. 

How to set up the overflow boxes for aquarium?

The first and crucial part is choosing a suitable overflow box, according to the flow you exactly want. With the overflow box, you some additional parts ex- you need a drain hose, which helps to deliver the water from the overflow to the sump, and another part is a qualifier, etc. 

Before setting up the overflow box, read the manual carefully. Then, fit a bulkhead and attach the pre-filter screens with the bulkhead insides. 

Connect the drain hose with that, then set the overflow box at the lip of the aquarium. After setting the required things, adjust the height of the aquarium overflow box according to your requirement. 

When you are going to start the overflow, fill up the sump with some extra water. When the overflow starts running, make the return pump turn on.  

To use an aquarium overflow box is safe from the overflow situation point of view. Read the instructions written in the manual before setting the overflow box. Please go through all its specifications and rules to follow all the guidelines. The overflow box is the best option to prevent the water overflow in an aquarium.

By Anurag Rathod

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