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Your birth proof is undeniably the most significant document. It makes it easy for a person to get admission to any school, or university, and also leverage the benefits of various government-run social welfare schemes.

Simply put, your birth certificate is important.

A person is recognised with the name written on this document. It’s the legal name of the person, which means that the name is the legal identity of that person. With it, he or she can draw the benefits of all administrative matters and other official purposes.

Changing Name on Birth Certificate is Easy

But here, you should know that you can change your name later. Despite being legally accepted, it can be altered if the individual wishes to do so.  Almost all jurisdictions require you to update your legal name if you are likely to leverage the various legalities after modification.

Most often, this is a common practice in the case of women in India. They use the surname of their spouse after the marriage. For this purpose, there is an online facility available, which is to apply for changing that name. You need to fill in the form for requesting to change your name. 

Significance of a Birth Certificate

Unfortunately, the Indian administration did not have an excellent track record of maintaining birth certificates. The introduction of the Registration of Births and Deaths (RBD) Act, of 1969 changed this condition. Afterward, it became statutory to register the birth of every child in the country, no matter where you live.

  • Who to Contact for Birth Proof

There are some authorities set up in different states and union territories here, which have a registrar that looks into this matter. In cities, there is the Municipal Corporation and Talukdar in various Talukas takes care of it. In villages also, Gram Panchayat offices are located to administer these issues or matters.

These birth certificates will either be issued by the Municipal Corporation in cities or by the Tahsildar at Taluka Level. In the case of villages, it is issued by the Gram Panchayat Office.

  • Uses of Birth Certificate

This document of birth is a key source, and mostly a primary source for discovering substantial credentials of one’s date of birth, age, identification, citizenship, and place of birth.

There are some secondary benefits of having this document with you. These are related to admission in educational institutions, emoluments or jobs, medical assistance, inheritance proof, and other documentation like a passport or visa to prove your citizenship.

  • Penalty for Late Birth Registration

It’s compulsory to follow the rule of the government by registering the birth of your ward. Time constraint is also there, which is 21 days from the date of birth if you want to avoid any severe consequences or further problems in applying at a later date.

Late birth registration can levy a penalty fee.  Moreover, this penalty can be levied if you apply for your child’s birth certificate within one year of birth.

Later, it won’t be issued even if you pay a penalty. Only a judicial order from the Magistrate can help you in it. In addition, you have to pay certain amount as a late fee under this condition.

 How to Apply for a Name Change Affidavit?

This is the case of changing the name on your birth certificate. These steps can guide you to easily apply and get your legal name changed:

Step1. Go to this link and access the Birth Certificate Correction Choice 1 form: / Or, you may physically get this Correction Form from the municipal office of the area where your child was born. In the case of NRI children who are born abroad, visit the Indian embassy website to raise this request. 

Step 2: Get an affidavit for changing the name of the ward. It must be attested by the notary public. The affidavit should clearly mention the reason for modifying the legal name. Once satisfied, the notary public signs and puts his stamp on the paper.

Step 3: Then, the form should be duly filled. Enclose requisite documents together with the affidavit. Then, submit it to the competent authority.

Step 4: This is not the end of the application process for changing your name. You have to publish your new name in the local newspaper and thereafter, in the state gazette.

Fees for Updating Information

As India has many states, the fee for changing the name on your birth certificate may vary. In addition to this fee, you have to pay for the non-judicial stamp charges. It is affixed in the affidavit. So, the cost of affixing a non-judicial stamp may cost you around INR 20 to INR 100. 

Online Procedure for Birth Registration

Here is the roundup of all steps as a published article by services2NRI states. These steps can help you to obtain a birth certificate for your child.

Step 1: Visit the Municipal Corporation website or embassy website if you’re an NRI. Download the form from here. It won’t matter where your child was born, be it in a hospital or nursing home. You should have the proof of birth, as is its medical history.

Step 2: Fill the form within 21 days from the birth of the child, which is the requisite duration for the application of a birth certificate.

Step 3: Once verified all records such as the name, parents’ ID proofs, time, date of birth, etc., the document will be issued.

If applied online, you can download the soft copy of the certificate. It’s a must to examine whether it carries the signature of the registrar or sub-registrar. It makes the document authentic.

Documents Required for Birth Registration

You must have these documents to support the application for birth proof. No matter where you live. 

  • Nationality card or identity proof of the parents, mentioning their respective ages or date of birth, place, etc.
  • Document issued by the hospital authority where the child was born. It can be a letter, showing the gender and date of birth of the child and the name of the parents. 
  • Address proofs of the parents, such as voter ID, passport, ration card or Aadhaar card.

Wrap Up

A birth proof is a really important and vital document that comes up with multiple facilities. You can avail it for emoluments over time, immigration, or getting an insurance policy. This substantial proof shows the valid date of birth and age of a person, which ensures your eligibility for a specific scheme. However, there are many purposes that can be achieved through it.  Therefore, parents should consider it a priority. They should register the birth of their child within 21 days of the birth. If not possible at that time, ensure to apply within one year.


Even if you have registered your birth, there is a scope to change your name on it. However, the registered name is your legal name. But, you may follow the same procedure that is prescribed for obtaining birth proof. An additional document, which is an affidavit for the change of name will be enclosed. Once issued, the applicant has to publish it in a local newspaper.

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