Fantasy Festival

The fantasy festival in Key West is an interesting annual event that takes place in the month of October every year. People from all over the world come to Key West to celebrate creativity and explore their imaginations.

This fest is known as the biggest event in Florida, and several people gather on the street to celebrate their joy to the fullest. At the same time, these types of activities serve as vital fundraisers for local non-profit organizations that raise funds for AIDS Help of Monroe Country.

This festival is celebrated around ten days filled with costumes, dancing, drinking, body paint, life-loving, and skin aplenty. This festival celebration themed “Time Travel Unravels.” At this festival, clothes are important, not costumes.

6 Amazing Facts About Fantasy Festival – Key West


Fantasy fest was initiated in 1979 by Frank Romano, Joe Liszka, and Bill Conkle to attract tourists during the slow season.

A large number of people from all over the world gather this event and enjoy it wholeheartedly. However, there are some amazing facts about fantasy fest that you must know in 2021, and these are listed below. Have a look!

1. People Like To Get Away With Stuff

Fantasy festival is all about being naughty on lots of levels. At this festival, you will find that people like to get away with all kinds of stuff. Moreover, this festival does not allow open containers, and people here like to dress weirdly.

For fantasy fest, you will wear costumes every day, and believe me; people are going to take it very, very seriously.

2. You’re Not Fully Undressed Without A Smile

Another amazing fact about the Fantasy festival is that you are not fully undressed without a smile. One of the most common stuff between Big Nude Cruise and Fantasy festival is that naked people are friendly.

People will always cheer you up at this festival, and you will be shocked to know how helpful they are. Another common thing that you will see on everyone’s face is the smile. So, whenever you get a chance, you must visit this fantasy fest at least once in your lifetime.

3. Inhibition Is Masked – Literally!

Yes, inhibition is masked, literally. Costume parties are not the defining factor, yet these are the part of the scene. However, there are no objections that you cannot wear a particular dress. You can wear any outfit of your choice at this fest.

On the other hand, you can also wear matching costumes with your friends, family or relatives as you wish. The dress does not matter here; what is truly going to matter here is your enjoyment and happiness.

4. Fantasy Fest Welcomes All

As already discussed above, people from all over the globe join this fantasy festival, and Key West welcomes all. There are no restrictions that a specific people or a country cannot visit this place.

Nevertheless, this is the best part of the fantasy fest, i.e., it welcomes everyone. During the fest, you can take amazing pictures with people all around you and can upload them on your profiles.

5. It’s As Innocent Or As Dirty As You Want To Be

Now, another amazing fact about fantasy fest is that this fest is as innocent or as dirty or simply as you want to be. This festival is actually a Rorschach test of sexuality, and here you will see what you want to.

On the other hand, those who want to seek freedom from the burden of clothing can join this event. You will find various interesting scenes at this event as this is one of the biggest events in the country.

6. Clothing Is Optional, Costumes Are Not!

This is a clothing-optional spirit in Key West. Whatever you dress at this fest, people are going to observe you very carefully. So, you need to dress properly. However, this does not mean that you will dress fully.

This just means that you need to dress smartly or weirdly. This is one of the most amazing facts about the fest festival that only a few outsiders know.

fantasy festival is a popular fest in Key West, and tourists from all over the world join this with their own interest. However, if you are willing to join this fantasy fest, then there are some of the interesting facts that are related to this festival, which you must know at any cost.

To make your efforts convenient, we have already listed the top 6 amazing facts about fantasy festivals above. At the same time, if you know some more, then you can list them in the comment section below for our readers.

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