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Taxis have turned into a commonly famous for public transportation requirements. With the increase in the demand for public transportation Uber has now become a worldwide happening and the word ‘Uberisation’ has its own meaning in Wikipedia. But it does not mean that Uber is the only option that we have to choose to get a classy ride. There are many other options available in the market now. There are many places where Uber is not an option at all. The main reason behind this is the variation in the market. Most of the services are excellent, with identical ride quality and a good level of service. This is because a wide number of drivers work for different services, have numerous app on their smartphones and they easily take the very first service that comes on the app.

We should note that these alternatives provide peer-to-peer service. There are many different applications that only work with the well-organized and proper drivers that permit the customers to make a request for the ride, check availability, select the destination and pay for the service right through the app. The pricing structure for these rides lean to be similar to the regular local cab rates, so one won’t save any money in a place where Lyft and Uber have inferior pricing, but they perform their work smoothly.

There are different alternatives to Uber which claim great services to their customer, let’s have a look


Lyft is an amazing transportation network company which is basically based in San Francisco. It mainly operates in more than 640 cities in the USA and 9 cities in Canada. Lyft is known for its great services and it is considered to be the preeminent rival of Uber.

Lyft has some clear upsides, and its rates are generally similar to Uber. The drivers of the Lyft are paid with a handsome amount of money and are also treated in a finer way. Most of the people have both, Lyft and Uber app installed on their phone, and they use it according to their needs.


99 taxi is the widest Brazilian e-hailing application. The main aim of this company is to transform and mobilize people’s lives. This amazing service connects the taxi drivers with the riders and they make payment through Paypal integrated into the app.


Careemoffers safe, reliable and affordable rides to their customers and is accessible in many cities across the Middle East, Northern Africa and provides different levels of service as well as the feature to book the service in advance.


Curb is an amazing taxi service which provides its service in more than 60 U.S cities. It connects the users over 50,000 taxis with the few simple taps on their phone. The customers can make their payment with cash, debit card or credit card once the service is over.

Didi Chuxing

Didi Chuxing is also called the Uber of China. In addition to hailing cars, the users can use this amazing service to go with the option of carpool, hire a called driver or find a car tailored to people with specially challenged. As discussed above, these are the top 5 Alternatives to Uber which are providing great services to their customers. If you have to choose an alternatives of Uber then you’ll undoubtedly get a better idea to choose the service.

By Anurag Rathod

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