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If you need to print a lot of documents at home or office, then investing in an Inkjet printer is the only option. All you have to do is just press the “Print” option on the desktop or laptop screen and you are ready to go. An inkjet printer can print anything you say. However, the technology behind is complex and work effortlessly.

These printer works similar to dot – matrix printer, the only difference is the dot size. It is so small that can’t be recognized by a human eye. This is the huge difference, but the printing quality is fabulous when compared to a dot – matrix printer.

Functionality of Inkjet Printer

These printers work by injecting ink from the nozzle on the paper at high speed. The ink is injected by the nozzle by applying pressure. The pressure pulse is usually created by a couple of methods – thermal bubble and piezoelectric.

The Piezoelectric method uses the materials of the same that deform when the small pulse of electric current passes through them. Usually, the material is placed on the walls of the ink channel. The deformation in the materials leads to pushing of the ink creating a pressure pulse. This happens in microseconds.

The thermal bubble method involves heating of ink and creates a vapor bubble. There is a heater in the ink channel, which gets active when the pulse passes on it. The heat helps the ink to boil along the ink channel.  The vapor bubble that is closer gets heated immediately creating a vapor bubble which expands 1000 times. As a result, the bubble that was expanded creates a pressure pulse, emitting the ink outside the nozzle.

Ink Quality

The ink performance also plays an important role in inkjet printers. It must be resistant to thermal decomposition. The ink flows from the small nozzle, it provides an excellent quality for smooth performance. The ink also dry fast once it spreads on the paper. To keep the nozzle working, firing of the ink is essential. If the nozzle is notworking then it might be because of clogging. So, the inkjet printer fired ink from various nozzles.  A dot density of 600 – 1200 per inch is common in an inkjet printer. But the dot size is ten to twenty in diameter.

An inkjet printer can create excellent print quality. You can also use glossy papers to get that photograph feel. These are also inexpensive to buy and product high – quality prints.

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By Anurag Rathod

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