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All About Refurbished iPads

All About Refurbished iPads

iPad is a tablet manufactured by Apple and is also known as a “slate” computer. This device is used for web browsing, sending an email, enjoying photos, watching movies, playing games, and listening to music. Like all other smart devices, the iPad is also a touch screen gadget. It is very efficient for performing the most basic computing tasks. You can also connect it with a keyboard to work it like a computer.

What are Refurbished iPads?

Everyone wants to have the latest version of the iPad, but it can put a hole in the pocket of low-budget buyers. For them, the best idea is to buy the refurbished iPads pro, as it is much cheaper than its new counterpart and works efficiently. Refurbished iPads are tablets that have previously been returned to the manufacturer or dealer due to a minor technical issue. Then these tablets are checked rigorously and repaired by the expert technicians of Apple. And they are then brought back to the market to sell. They are priced much lower than newer models, but their performance is similar to them.

From Where to Buy a Refurbished iPad?

The refurbished iPads are available in Apple stores and certified third party stores. Some online platforms like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Walmart, etc. also sell the refurbished iPad Pro. You buy them from any of these, but third-party certified dealers may give you more discounts than other options.

The pre-owned tablets sold by your acquaintance or the friends are not a refurbished product. So, do not get confused between these two. Your friend or relative will not provide you any warranty on the used iPad, whereas the refurbished phone comes with an Apple warranty and is reconditioned by the manufacturer.

Therefore, prefer to buy a used iPad from a quality dealer, not your known one.

Benefits of Refurbished iPads

You will Save a Lot of Money 

One of the most common and obvious reasons for buying refurbished iPad Pro is that you will save lots of dollars. It has been already mentioned above that refurbished iPads are cheaper than the brand new iPads. They are so reasonable that anyone can easily afford them. These are sold at discounted rates, and their price is 15% to 20% lower than their new counterparts.

Quality Assurance

The refurbished products are gone through many quality assurance cycles before they are resold to the people. These are very reliable and have no technical issues. To the ordinary people: it would be difficult to differentiate it from the new one.


The refurbished Apple tablet comes with a one-year warranty. So, you don’t have to worry about losing your money. If you find any technical issues in the iPad under the warranty period, Apple will repair it for free.

Environment Friendly 

Buying a refurbished iPad means contributing little to the environment. The refurbishment process reduces the electronics waste and keeps the environment clean.

Is It Safe to Buy a Refurbished iPad?

Refurbished iPads are safe to buy, and best for those who are looking for significant savings. There is no harm in purchasing them if you are dealing with a reputable seller. They come with a 12 months warranty, which can be extended further. Also, they come with 90 days of technical support. You can visit the Apple website for hardware or software support.

We would advise you to choose the seller carefully and wisely to not face any trouble in the future.

Which Best Refurbished iPad To Buy?

Every iPad is tested and certified by the manufacturer, and buying them is effectively the same as buying the new iPad. There are four models of the Apple tablet: basic iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. All of them have their unique features and benefits.

If you want to buy the refurbished Apple tablet just for casual use, it would be good to go with an iPad or iPad mini. These are lower in price and possess all the necessary features. But, in case, if you are looking for a bit professional, then buying a refurbished iPad will be the best.

Difference Between Tablet And iPads

The biggest difference between the tablets of other brands and an iPad is their operating system. The other brand’s tablet runs on android OS, whereas the iPad supports iOs. The iPad contains more features than the other tablets and is more stable. It supports a large number of applications and is easier to operate than android tablets.

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt that buying a refurbished iPad is a great option to save some bucks, but it is key to verify its price, accessories, warranty card, software, battery health, screen, and the outer shell before making a final deal. 

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