The introduction of AI technology has brought a lot of changes to various aspects of life. It has also changed the way of conducting investigations. With the advancement of technology, now detectives have the ability to gather more details and resources online to settle a case in a better way. 

AI technology is changing the modern landscape of surveillance investigations. They are slowly but surely turning out to be a very efficient tool to check on suspects and unlawful actions. 

Nowadays, a lot of detectives make use of AI technology to prevent fraud and crimes. Various detective agencies use AI technology with the motive to enhance the workability of their officers. AI tools have the capability of identifying various doubtful patterns which we humans cannot detect easily. Here, we are discussing why AI technology is effective for surveillance investiagtion. 

The need for AI technology in investigations 

Nowadays, there are too many cameras and a lot of recorded videos for security operators to maintain pace with. Moreover, people do not have long attention spans on today’s date. Here, AI technology plays a crucial role. It can study more video data than humans could ever possibly analyze. 

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that has been designed to highlight the most important data and insights and grasp users’ attention to them. Moreover, AI technology can even have a great impact on video surveillance investigations in two different areas – the focus of attention and search. 

Let us discuss these two areas in detail. 

Focused Attention

AI technology comes with the ability to reduce hours of work to a few minutes is one of its best advantages if we consider the gradual decline in human attention spans. Let us consider all the information that a person receives on a particular day. It is quite obvious that they do not pay proper attention to everything because we people consider most of that information irrelevant. We human beings prioritize what is important and what is not important, and usually focus on information or events that are surprising or unusual.

But, AI technology studies all the activities thoroughly to learn what a typical activity scene appears like while detecting all the unusual events occurring at a particular time, which adds a new level of automation to surveillance during an investigation process. This helps the detectives to save time as AI technology quickly searches through a massive number of videos, focusing their attention on such events that may be used in further investigation processes. Moreover, AI adds relevance to what the detectives are viewing. This enables detectives to conduct verification more accurately. 

Quick Search

What would be the use of the internet if there was no search engine? You would require searching one web page at a time and be hopeful to find whatever information you need. The exact thing happens in video surveillance – operators need to search through a list of recorded videos from one camera at a time with the hope to find the event that is required to continue the investigation process.  

This is where Artificial Intelligence kicks in. With the help of AI technology, video searches have become easy and it enables detectives to detect a specific individual or event across all the cameras within a particular area. The AI technology allows the operators to search by providing some specific descriptors. 

AI technology plays a key role when it comes to a missing person and suspicious persons cases. With the placement of certain descriptors, it can search for a person within seconds. 

AI technology is the key to advanced security 

We cannot deny the statement that the role of AI in security investigation on today’s date is transformative. With the introduction of AI-powered video management software, it has become pretty easy to reduce the amount of time spent on surveillance, making security operators more efficient and effective at their jobs. Artificial Intelligence is removing the need to constantly watch video screens. It has automated the “detection” function of surveillance, and it enables the detectives to focus on what they do best: verify important events and come up with wise conclusions. We can say that Artificial Intelligence can dramatically change security investigations in the coming years.


The rates of fraud and crime are growing rapidly with time. And, the use of AI in this era is developing to be a great advantage for people. It has been also mentioned in various reports that it is mandatory to contribute to the development of AI systems. The tremendous value of Artificial Intelligence has made it one of the key components of the security system in this era. 

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By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.