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The advent of AI has brought about a massive revolution in the digital sphere. Especially if you are a blog writer, you cannot deny the massive assistance that AI tools provide. Be it for topic searches, or generating new ideas, AI assistant tools play a massive role in shaping seo blog writing services.

Despite all that, there’s a never-ending buzz about AI assistance being a boon or a curse for blog writers. In this blog, we’ll take a look at both sides of the coin to determine the truth.

Let’s begin!

The Benefits of AI Assistant Tools

Let’s just start with the blessings part to make you understand how AI assistant tools have benefitted blog writers for hire on an overall basis-

Helps Boost Productivity

One of the most notable benefits of AI assistant tools is that they can help you streamline repetitive tasks! Things like researching appropriate keywords, formatting the content, or checking grammar takes up much time for a writer. Using AI assistant tools helps to complete these processes in the wink of an eye, thereby freeing up enough time for the writers to concentrate on their ideas and writing style.

Helps Overcome Writer’s Block

The dreaded writer’s block! A nightmare for a writer of any genre whatsoever! It’s a state of absolute oblivion when no ideas are popping up while you stare blankly at a newly-opened doc file. AI assistant tools come in handy in these situations. They can generate topic ideas, suggest what’s trending in the market, and even help you decide the tonality! This allows bloggers to overcome their writer’s block, and get into the creative zone effectively.

Helps Generate Multi-Lingual Content

If you thought AI tools are only capable of generating results in English, you are mistaken! AI writing tools are like the superheroes of the digital landscape! They can produce, and translate content into multiple languages. This paves the way for your content to have a global outreach. Especially if you’re a blogger looking for ways to expand your audience base, seeking the multi-lingual content approach from AI assistant tools can effectively help you reach your goal!

The Drawbacks of AI Assistant Tools

Now let’s move on to the curse part, and see how relying heavily on AI assistant tools might prove to be a destructive habit for writers-

Generic Content Creation

AI tools can be great at assisting writers in writing content. However, if you’re relying solely on it to generate the whole blog post, you’re risking losing your credibility as well as your audience base. First of all, AI-generated content lacks the human touch which makes it sound very mechanical. Secondly, Google’s recent algorithm updates have started pulling down AI-generated content from websites, which affects the authority and credibility as well.

Inaccurate Facts and Data

AI translates to Artificial Intelligence. It’s not a human being! Moreover, the data that it relied on is fed by us humans only! Hence, if an AI tool is not fed with correct data and facts, it will generate content having factual inaccuracies, wrong information, or biased opinions and perspectives. So, content writing services must undergo a fact-check is crucial to retain the sanctity of blogs!

Lacks Authenticity

Do you know where AI and humans differ when it comes to writing? It’s the uniqueness of the content. And how is that determined? Through tonality, voicing, and personality! Ai-generated content struggles a lot to capture these essential elements that make blog posts unique and different from each other. When you start relying on AI tools, this lack of authenticity is what might reflect in your blog posts, causing a downfall in SERP ranking.

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The Future- A Collaborative Approach

The zeal for digital marketing companies to hire blog writers in the future will not come to an end! However, that doesn’t mean the assistance of AI tools is to be ignored!

The future lies in collaboration. Humans and AI assistant tools can work together harmoniously to keep coming up with newer and unique content ideas and blog posts that won’t just relay information, but also help to drive traffic and bring about credibility and authoritativeness for a website.

To Conclude

A note to all professional writers out there: Don’t let AI tools control your creation process. Rather, make use of it to chisel your creations in a way that doesn’t just add value but also keeps them unique and helps them resonate with your audience and achieve your goals.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.