folding electric bikes

Folding bikes, as the name suggests, are foldable. They have been around for a long time but now have gained immense popularity as they have become a preferred choice in most countries among commuters. The reason behind their increasing popularity is the range of advantages they offer. 

From being able to fold into a small backpack to offering a kind of enjoyment, Foldable Electric Bikes have a range of benefits with a single drawback of carrying lots of weight. Well, its heavy weight can be managed if you own a car or know the tricks on its easy transportation. 

If you own or plan to buy a folding bike, this post is worth reading. It contains the major advantages of having folding electric bikes over traditional bikes. Read this post till the end because it will help you in making your decision. 

Easy to Transport

Aside from being an excellent mode of transport, folding bikes are easy to transport. You can take your bike with you to most of the places. They fit comfortably to your car, buses, trains, and other small transportations without acquiring much space. 

It makes cycling feasible every day and wherever you go. Their ability to be transported makes them an ideal commuting way. It is the best transportation mode for those who live in the city’s suburbs to drive to their railway stations, leaving their car at the parking. It saves you lots of money such as parking fees, fuel costs etc., and is environmentally friendly as well. Isn’t it good?

Easy to Store

One of the major advantages of folding bikes is they take up less space than traditional bikes. Storing a foldable bike is more convenient if you own a small house. It is too cumbersome for people to carry their cycles upstairs in an apartment and simply takes up a lot of space in modern city flats. Foldable bikes can resolve half of the problems. It can be easily carried and slotted away, even in small domiciles. 

You can slide it under your bed, wardrobe, or arrange it in your storeroom, and you will never know you have a fully-functioning bike in your home. 

Since they look pretty and impressive and come with a designer carrying bag, folding bikes can be put anywhere in the house. It would not eat up much space and do not look messy. A folding bike reduces many problems altogether as it is small, comfortable, and efficacious.  

Environmental friendly

Needless to mention folding electric bikes are environmentally friendly. They do not use fuel like traditional bikes. It also reduces the use of other transportations that runs on fuels like trains, buses, cars, motorbikes, etc. 

However electric bikes can not be used everywhere and every time but you can reduce the use of other transportations and contribute to saving the environment. So, when electric bikes are environmentally friendly, they are versatile means of transportation. In a nutshell, they are not only good for your health but also for Earth. 

Safe and Secure

Being compact, easy to ride and comfortable, folding bikes are safe and secure. They are less likely to injure a rider as they can easily be handled, even by beginners. Moreover, there are fewer chances of being stolen, as you can carry them with you inside your office or anywhere or just chained up outside the supermarket, coffee shop or cinema hall. You do not have to constantly worry about it if you are leaving your bike outside of the home. Foldable bikes are generally less targeted by thieves since they are not their choice.

Good Resale Value

While traditional bikes can lose half of their value just after one year, foldable bikes have good resale value. Traditional bikes are common and can be found all where at less value. Foldable bikes are unusual, and people find them more attractive. They are more expensive than traditional bikes, so buying a second-hand bike is a great option to purchase while spending less than exact prices. 

As foldable bikes continue to gain popularity, their resale value is expected to be high. 

While there are many great reasons to buy folding bikes, there are also a few drawbacks also. 

Slow Speed-

Folding bikes have small wheels that make them easily foldable, but they also make them slower than usual bikes. However, they are quite good in the pedal-assisted mode, so speed can be negligible in most cases. 

Unwanted Attention-

That’s True! You might take it as an advantage if you are an attention seeker, but we treat it as a drawback. Folding bikes attract lots of people, so be ready to answer if someone asks you about them. It sometimes can eat up your time when you are in a hurry. 

Well, these both might not be a drawback for you if you do not care about the speed and love to be the center of the crowd. We suggest you buy a folding e-bike only if you have valid reasons. Because it is slightly expensive and heavy. If you can manage both, then it’s good for you. Enjoy a ride! 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.