Trucks are the most important transport vehicle used to transport goods from one place to another. Out of the Rs 1.8-2.2 lakh crore transported across India every year, 63% of goods are transported by road. A large part of the Indian economy rests on reliable access to everything from food and medicines to household and luxury items. Given that the entire supply chain and their growth ambitions are entirely dependent on drivers – what can automakers and transporters do to ensure a safer and better quality of life for the unsung heroes of India’s logistics backbone?

All the automakers such as Ashok Leyland 3520 and more manufacture trucks with excellent features which ensure safer and better quality for drivers. All the drivers are an important part of the Indian transportation system, and apart from this, one of the largest parts of the country is dependent on them. To understand these whole things, truck brands made vehicles with advanced and quality features. These features also provide comfort, which offers a desired outcome. 

So do you want to know which features support Indian drivers during the driving? 

If yes, this blog is just made for you as here you can get complete information about the top 4 features installed in Indian trucks. These top 4 features support Indian drivers, the Indian transpiration industry and also the Indian economy. So, let us start the blog!

Top 4 Features of Trucks To Supports Indian Drivers 

Trucks are the one of the best commercial vehicles in India used to transport goods from one place to another. A big part of the Indian population depends on trucks. The automobile machine is manufactured with the latest technology, so it is loaded with advanced features, making them perfect for tasks. With the help of these features, they can perform all the operations efficiently. Following are the features of trucks to support and help the Indian truck drivers:- 

Axle Load Indicator System

The first feature is about the axle load indicator system. A common crime on Indian roads is when drivers transport overloaded goods. By doing this, truck drivers risk their lives and thousands of others. The accident risk of irreparable damage increases sharply when the cargo contains hazardous substances that are explosive, flammable or highly toxic to human life. As always, only the driver is responsible for the careful handling of the load. For avoiding this situation, the axle load indicator system is best featured in trucks. 

Axle load indicators are truck scales or weight gauges that employ pressure sensors installed in the truck’s bellows to measure the current stress applied to each axle. These values ​​are communicated to a centralized control unit that calculates the shifting axle load and displays real-time statistics on a digital driver display screen. The system is also fitted to include multiple alarm systems to monitor critical weight conditions that alert the driver and remote stakeholders about impending risks. 

Few indicators are connected with the airbag suspension system to measure axle loads in proportion to air pressure. It is the most cheaper and durable method which provides accurate information about shifting axle pressure and resultant vehicle conditions to the driver. 

Air Suspension Seating System 

Indian drivers spend over 15 hours on trucks a day sitting within the narrow quarters of their vehicle. Basically, trucks become their second home. When we sit in place for more than 15 hours, then it becomes painful for us. And understanding this pain, the brands installed an air suspension seating system in the trucks. An air suspension system employs technology to reduce driver fatigue, back pain, limit joints and ensure quick recovery from long haul trips. Seats equipped with electromagnetic motors at their base absorb the shock value affected by uneven terrain, providing stability to reduce discomfort and enhance steering control.

As per a survey on air suspension seating system, 94% of the drivers reported less fatigue, and 80% admitted that better driving conditions could prolong their careers. The air suspension seating can be equipped with several adjustment controls to determine the driver’s posture for smooth, moderately unstable and extremely rugged road conditions. The settings increase the drive concentration and limit vibration to maintain steady rear and exterior view assessments when riding through rough weather or terrain. 

Adjustable Power Steering Wheels 

India is the place where you have probably seen a heavily loaded truck cornered at an uncomfortable angle at a narrow halfway through a turn, unable to move forward or reverse. The truck driver is assisted by cues from a few impatient civilians and circles the steering wheel incessantly, ultimately struggling against its unforgivable flexibility to move the vehicle’s heavy wheels and avoid chokeholds. This commoner vs 10-wheeler battle happens because many Indian cargo trucks are still equipped with the old mechanical steering wheels.

Hydraulic or electric steering wheels make up the family of power steering systems. Use hydraulic or electric impulses to increase steering, and the system significantly reduces the human labour required to achieve the same result. The steering wheel could further upgrade to include a column of multi-functional options, including buttons to increase the speed limit, cruise control and an audio player. Each function can be synchronized to be displayed on the display screen. These features ensure that drivers never have to take their hands off the wheel or take their eyes off the road.

Electric Emergency Braking 

It is also known as the advanced emergency braking system and active braking system. AEB is an intelligent safety measure that employs a cluster of sensors to compute obstacles in the truck’s immediate vicinity and trajectory. The system is made to detect attempted panic stops and predict a high-speed collision to superpower the brakes and slash vehicle speeds quickly to reduce braking time and limit or prevent imminent damage significantly.

These are the few best features that provide complete support and help to the Indian driver, resulting in a productive outcome. For reading such informative topics, stay tuned with us. If you want information about the Ashok Leyland Ecomet family, visit Truck Junction. 

By Anurag Rathod

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