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It is necessary to have a good air filter as it will ensure that the HVAC system works efficiently, thus purifying clean air in the whole premises. On average, homeowners must change their air filters every three months, and even more at times when they’re running their AC quite frequently. However, responsible homeowners know when to replace their Air Conditioning Parts such as filters. 

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Often, homeowners check their filter when it’s time to replace them and realize that it has already got covered in hair, dust, and other particles. So, many times they start querying what is the reason for clogging prematurely. Generally, the more is the MERV rating, the more frequently they may need to replace it. 

Mentioned below are some possible reasons why filters get dirty so frequently:

  1. Weather variations: The amount of dirt and particles that get buried in the filter is directly related to the amount of air that is being cycled via the furnace and air conditioner. So when it gets colder or hotter than usual outside and the system functions frequently, then the filter gets clogged faster as more air traverses through it. 
  2. Wrong filters: Choosing the wrong filters makes them dirty very quickly because they get specifically created to catch most of the airborne contaminants. Also, they’re made up of a very refined mesh that mostly traps airborne contaminants. Rather, homeowners can opt for an inexpensive disposable fiberglass filter or the ones with thicker pleats.
  3. Extensive contaminants: There could be an increase in the level of dust and dirt if homeowners have recently brought a new pet or got a construction project completed in their home. If homeowners get concerned regarding the air quality in their house, it’s recommended to talk to an AC Parts USA technician to know more about installing a whole-house air cleaner.
  4. Leaking air ducts: Ducts having gaps, holes, or leaks must be sealed properly to limit good air from exiting and bad air from entering. Also, if the return air ducts leak, then the dirty and dusty air from the attic or crawl gets fixed into the ducts, making the air filter dirty and causing it to clog.
  5. AC fan is on: The fan position in the AC has options such as on, off, and auto. If a fan is set to “on” mode then it will run constantly the whole day and night. To add, if the fan functions in the “on” mode, then it increases the energy consumption along with monthly energy expenditure. It’s suggested to set the fan at auto mode so that the fan functions only when the system functions thereby decreasing the flow of dirt within the filter as well as limiting the energy consumption.

To sum up, an HVAC system functions well if there’s an air purification system along with Copeland Scroll Compressor. The reason is that the system will remove any particles by themselves before they reach the HVAC filter. Homeowners can also prefer switching to a reusable filter that can get cleaned on daily basis with the help of a garden hose or vacuum attachment. 

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