Brotherhood Of Steel

Fallout, the franchise that has taught us the real meaning of Brotherhood and how to survive, as your life depends on it. It has the most astonishing explanation of a cult, and every district has it devoted but with the same goal “to get the hold of the technology.” Among all of the factions, BOS is the main highlight throughout the franchise and, of course, features our main hero of the game “Arthur Maxson”; let’s unpack all of the facts and trivia that you might miss while winning the war. The death of the Elder, the reinforcements, the alliance with the West Coast, and not to forget it was nearly the end of the world, so let’s jump into the fascinating facts. 

It would be wrong to talk about Fallout without intimating the roles that inhabit the Universe. What makes the RPG (role-play-game) element of Fallout so great is the total abomination of the entire Universe in that Nuke War. 

The History of Brotherhood Of Steel! 

BOS or The Brotherhood of Steel is a like never before that ever featured in any game. It’s a techno-religious faction of the Nukes war survivors, which left the air so polluted that it was almost an inhabitant to a living organism and can’t breathe without the special masks. They were originally located in West America near the ruins of post-war North America. 

After the Great War, all of the survivors made their bunkers underground as they couldn’t grow anything on the surface. There’s the story begun of the BOS “Brotherhood Of Steel,” as it has a history to follow Brotherhood has been an influential troop at the wasteland, first as the residue of the war than as an important research and development place. 

Finally, to go head-to-head with the New California Republic, with a simple goal to get a hold and control of all the advancement of weapons and technology for not to lose the loved ones like before by those selfish people who started the end of the world. 

The Outcasts

Outcasts were the soldiers from the Brotherhood, which they went against as they thought Elder Lyons couldn’t lead and can’t stand alongside him, so they went antagonism with BOS and learned the hard that al the thing that Elder Lyons did everything right. Whether where he jeopardized his whole troop while attacking and were the first to join the alliance with the Brotherhood of Steel and from then on, they both start to fight side to side and watch their six. This was the reason for their absence in Fallout 4 as Arthur was negotiating a merge in between both the factions. 

Scribes And Knights

Here comes the most interesting group of this post-armageddon era of the world; their working way is the most unique here; not everyone is soldiers as in the other gangs. They mostly work on advancing their and other’s weapons to defeat the enemies and make this world a wonderland again. They are the only noble people in these remaining people and are always there to help others and have no enemies other than the New California of Republic. 

The gang killed billions without any cause, and their reason is the same to restore balance and peace in the world. The researchers called scribes and those who fight on the frontline known as the Knights and protector of the bunkers. Scribes are subdivided to describe their roles in the Brotherhood and named Orders. Knights rule of command works just like a normal military that goes ranks to ranks and raising the Paladins. 

It’s All About Technology! 

As the Brotherhood is the dominating one in all of the fought wars, they were unstoppable. They wanted to destroy all that comes in there as a way of getting the advancement in weaponry. The gamers who played their heart out in the game should explain the reason why the technology means so much to them and why they care so much about it as they were the ones who learned the most challenging way about it. 

The Elder who saved The BOS

Brotherhood Of Steel have the Native American tribal system, and their leader is called Elders the BOS was founded by Roger Maxson and formally proclaimed by the Elder Maxson. The times go by, after the death of Elder Lyons and Sarah Lyons, Arthur Maxson became their Elder, and by far, he was the youngest and the most intelligent in the tribe and was the only one who could fill their shoes. 

The skill that made him their Elder was his weapons and his unbeatable logistics in the times of crises and attack. While doing all, you have to give him some credit that he still manages to have the most attractive persona in the game, and while in the game, he was wearing an Elder Maxson Coat, which was just flawless. Coming back to the game, he was the one who truly united the groups all over America and beat the hell out of the New California Republic, and restores peace to the whole world.

Fallout is a franchise that shows us how to be a survivor and never lose hope, always learn from our mistakes, and look after each other. You will sometimes question your leader, but if you believe in them and yourself, you can accomplish and bring peace to the whole world like Arthur. 

Last but not least, in the last installment, the Brotherhood was shown in a state of lockdown, and all of the communication from all of the faction all destroyed; and it is an adverse effect and going to affect everyone and every group in their ways. Fallout: Vegas portray that Brotherhood is on its last legs after being diminished by the NCR at Helios One just because of sticking with their unfriendly rules and harsh customs lets only see what’s more to come from this astonishing game and the outrageous storyline.

By Anurag Rathod

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