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Imagine your life millions of years ago. And imagine your life now. Our lives have changed entirely over the last three decades. We are much more socially aware and technologically advanced now. And this is has happened due to the changes ushered in by the power of education. So what are these changes exactly? And how is it that education has brought these changes? Let us find out more about these remarkable changes and education’s involvement in them.

  1. Education helps us achieve awareness

Education helps people to become aware of their surroundings. Education also allows people to notice the superstitions that have blinded our eyes and bogged our society down. Education furthermore helps us differentiate between scientific and unscientific factors of human culture. For example, even a few hundred years ago, human society considered epilepsy to be witchcraft. And if we fell in love with someone of our gender, even doctors weighed it as some mental illness. However, now we know that epilepsy is an illness that can kill human beings. And falling in love with someone of our gender does not make us mentally ill. So, scientific research and discoveries are helping us to become more aware of our society and us.

  • Education helps us to fight for what is right

As education has helped us and made us between right and wrong, it has also allowed us to fight for what is right. Before, crimes against women and minorities were considered normal. Hence, the United States of America has been infamous for its slavery and racial cleansing. South Asian regions, namely the Indian subcontinent was infamous for their caste oppression and crime against women. But, eventually, with the help of education, American society overthrew slavery; racial cleansing is not something the USA is proud of. And multiple protests are still going on in the Indian subcontinent against crime against women, caste, and religious oppression. Legal books were revised to implement better laws for the above factors.

  • Education is the staircase to progress

Education has become our staircase over time. It has become the host to some incredible and thrilling discoveries. From the discovery of light to the invention of the telephone, education has helped us make our lives faster. Education has also allowed us to imagine and turn our imagination into reality. We live in a time where technology has taken the better halves of our life. Education and curiosity have made us welcome technology as old and dear friends. Education guarantees that borders and geographical distance do not limit our opportunities.

  • Education is equal to a healthier lifestyle

Education also makes sure that we live healthy life. And the more we are educated, our chances of a healthy life increase. Research claims that men and women who have gone to university and have the opportunity to live four to eight years longer than those who have not. Therefore, we can now say that education helps us live a healthy life. Higher education teaches us how to implicate our lives to make them more stretchable. Our college assignments and exams help us find ways to survive them healthily. We make routines and follow them, which allows us to understand what is good for our body and what is not. And we tend to follow these routines even after entering our professional lives.

  • Education brings productivity

Education helps to learn things and achieve degrees. These degrees, in turn, allow us to find opportunities that help us economically. We increase our productivity with our certificates and our acquired skills. The more we grow our productivity, the more our society booms. Therefore, education is expanding our awareness and our culture, and it is also helping us help our economy grow by actively contributing to it. Also, education gives birth to more skilled workers, which gives birth to healthy competition. The healthy competition gives birth to more productivity and work, and the chain continues to grow, and we evolve ourselves.

  • Education brings people closer

We cannot deny that the hunger for knowledge and education has gifted us, famous scientists. Thus, we have also experienced some of the most shocking and mind-blowing technological changes in human society. One of these changes is digitisation. We now live in an intelligent world, and for this, we must thank these competent scientists. Digitisation has made distance education possible. We can now global seminars and lectures without travelling to distant places. With technology’s help, we can connect to our relatives living far away from us. We can now achieve many more mundane things through technology’s support. We must remember that intense education has made all these possible.

  • Education empowers us

Last but not least, education empowers us. Education helps us raise our voices for ourselves and for those who do have voices of their own. For example, education has made it possible to expand our representatives against animals. Reporting a crime and fighting against it is now easier than before. And it has been possible only because we have access to social media and advanced technology. Education has helped us to make better choices for ourselves. Education makes us nurture our talents and allow us to follow our dreams instead of being bogged down by irrelevant societal pressure.

Parting words

Joan Baez had once said, “You don’t get to choose how you are going to die, or when. You only decide how you are going to live.” So we have to make sure that we live a life where education is present and is evolving. Martin Luther King held the hands of education and fought for the rights of blacks. Malala Yousafzai was ready to give up her life for education. Hence, we should not take education for granted and remember we have a long way to go before sleeping.

About the author: Martina Vasquez is a social science professor and teaches differently-abled students. She is also associated with, where she offers exceptional case study help to social science students. In addition to this, Martina Vasquez is also an animal’s rights activist and often protests for their rights.

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