Willemstad is an attractive and hip travel terminus that is the exuberant capital of Curacao. This city is creased with the most attractive beaches, a sole bridge, national parks, fullest ports, several inlets, cultural museums, underwater marine parks, and a varied change of water sports to adore with family and friends. Visit this city to enjoy the best part of Willemstad, which is the opening of meeting well-trained dolphins, lots of stingrays, and giant turtles. There is a place to feedstuff sharks or go with the pelicans at the Curacao Dolphin Academy.

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Kenepa Beach

Kenepa Beach is one of the most precious beaches in Curacao which is allowable for tourists and is open to the public. This beach has clear water and countless fish at the rock walls with loads of dining places to relish grilled food. This beach however has only difficulty as there are no huts or parasols at this place which you can rent. 

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 Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge

Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge is an old prodigy of engineering and is good-looking to view both day and night. This renowned site offers prodigious photos of the city and at night, once illumined it becomes one of the greatest fabulous postcards of Curacao. Watch out for how the instrument opens and closes. 

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Curacao Dolphin Academy

Curacao Dolphin Academy is a remarkable visit especially for families which is placed beside Mambo Beach. This site needs no admission fee and always varies liable on the activity. This place also has swum with Dolphin tour which is valued at $ 174 per person.

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Playa Kenepa Chiki

Playa Kenepa Chiki is the beach of remarkable colors located in Willemstad famous for its translucent and tremendous blue waters. Come to this deserted and noiseless beach that has doings for diving or use a snorkel or cylinder to sightsee its rich waters and gorgeous coral reefs. 

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Shete Boka National Park

Shete Boka National Park is a peaceful park that sits on the edge of the island with heaps of vantage points for anyone who wants to realize the normal size and “mouths” that are molded by the rocks. These enormous rocks hit the waters of this park with natural inlets. 

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