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7 Men’s Fashion Trends To Leave Behind In 2021

7 Men’s Fashion Trends To Leave Behind In 2021

If there is one thing 2020 successfully taught us, it is the fact that we can never be certain about anything, and there is no way for us to know what tomorrow holds. Fortunately, there is still one thing that you can control i.e. your wardrobe!

Considering the critical nature of the pandemic, the wardrobe is indeed a trivial element to consider. However, with all this time for self-reflection, it is good to look back at all the past fashion mistakes we have been making.

To make this year better in terms of at least fashion, this blog aims to identify all the fashion trends that were not serving us well.

Fast fashion

The cheaply-produced trendy clothes that had been flooding the streets of high fashion had not just been giving people serious skin issues but also has been affecting the planet.

To get rid of fast fashion trends, you should start spending your money on clothing items that are designed for the long haul. Manufacturers that prefer timelessness over short-lived trends should be encouraged. Start with quality shopping and invest in brands, like Noir LDN, that put quality over quantity.

Constantly Sockless

Although, there is no apparent harm in being sockless, when the months get colder you should keep your ankles entirely covered.

Being sockless was an increasingly popular trend in both casual and smart dressing of 2020. However, as we are moving to a new decade, it is probably a good time to move on from this trend as well.

Dressing gowns

It has been more than a year since everyone has been trying to grasp the fluctuating lockdown restrictions and dealing with inconveniences it brings along.

If you do not like being properly dressed at home, seek casual clothes, like t-shirts for men.

Noir LDN, is an excellent brand that aims to bring you clothes with a striking balance of comfort and style. So, explore their online shop and get yourself presentable but comfortable clothes.

Oversized sneakers

No one exactly remembers how, but for the past several years, the landscape of menswear has been dominated by huge earthquake-triggering sneakers. Although those sneakers did not look too bad, there has been so many of them that they have lost their charm.

Skin-tight jeans

Last year, men’s fashion has been fraught with form-hugging pants along with inspired Celebrityjacket. Last year, men’s fashion has been fraught with form-hugging pants. Although it looked nice on many men, we are glad to see the resurgence of more relaxed pants. Skinny jeans are unconformable to put on, and they have started to look outdated as well.

Muscle-fit shirts

The term muscle-fit means something that is designed to fit your muscular physique, however practically, it is the opposite of that. Muscle-fit mens’ t-shirts or shirts are rather designed to squeeze and cling to your body, thereby if you aim to look good, avoid this trend at all cost.

Besides, making one look stiff and suffocated, muscle-fit clothes are a part of fast fashion, so everyone should avoid them.

Over-powering logos

From casual clothing to high-end fashion brands, one trend that seemed to be common in all kinds of dresses were huge logos. We are not just talking about logos on the front t-shirts or at the back off hoodies, but also the tracksuits wallpaper, bags etc. As a matter of fact, over-powering logos have done a lot more damage to branding than good.

These were 7 common fashion mistakes of 2020, that we need to get rid of this year. We hope you found this blog to your utmost benefit. To know more about fashion-forward clothing, make sure to visit the website of Noir LDN.

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