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As professional bloggers, we all used various types of monetization techniques from which we try to make income. From Adsense to affiliate marketing, many people try to generate revenue through their content in blog posts. In this blog post, I will walk you through some of the best digital product ideas that you can use on your websites to generate an extra income.

As a newbie blogger, it is even possible to make money from your blog with less traffic by creating and selling the most profitable digital products. This is because there is so much scope for buying digital products as they solve most of the visitors’ problems.

And if you are a well-settled blogger and want to discover additional side income opportunities, you can follow this list and choose the type of digital product that suits your website and create.

First of all, we need to look into the definition of a Digital Product.

What is a Digital Product?

A digital product is an online form of product that provides a solution for the consumers in online platforms, and it is created, sold, and used in online mediums. An ebook describing “steps for losing weight in 90 days” in the form of a PDF is a perfect example of a popular digital product.

The main advantage of creating and selling digital products is that every task can be done by online platforms, including payment methods, and providing digital products to the customers. So, they have become a good source for making passive income, especially for bloggers.


The following are the seven best digital product ideas that bloggers can use and make passive income:

  1. eBooks.
  2. Templates.
  3. Printables.
  4. Online courses.
  5. Workbooks.
  6. Stock photos collection.
  7. Themes and plugins.

1. eBooks.

An eBook is a simple pdf that contains valuable information, and this comes under the category of informational products. As a blogger, you have a definite niche, and you will have a content structure. While you are researching writing a blog post, you can see many valuable listicles, guides, and informational posts. So pick any one of those types of informational content and create an eBook of your style.

A simple step by step method or a simple guide can be created as an eBook. And sell this eBook as a digital product on your blog’s resource page. The primary prerequisite of this digital product is that it should provide value that is not available in your blog posts.

2. Templates.

Templates are a pre-formatted resource that is extremely useful for creating a structured online material with less effort and within less time. As a blogger, you can easily create templates like layout templates, social media posting templates, design templates, etc.

Many bloggers whose niche is about blogging can create and sell the following types of templates.

  • Keyword research template.
  • Title generation templates.
  • Seo post outline templates.
  • Seo checklist template.
  • Email sequence templates.

These templates are more popular among all types of digital products because the effort needed for the customer to edit and create their resource requires less time. And you can also sell these types of templates in online stores like payhip, easy digital downloads, gumroad, etc.

3. Printables.

Printables are the resource type of digital products created and sold to a relevant niche audience by bloggers and business owners. If you have a parenting blog, you can create and sell printables like tips on taking care of a five-month baby, nutrition tables for a three-year kid, etc.

The printable digital products are the resources that can be created within a few hours from a curation strategy from your blog posts. The graphic design and infographic printables are the most downloaded products in this category of digital product ideas.

4. Online courses.

Another great paid digital product is an online course that briefly teaches a topic with the use of videos or even text documents. Many bloggers first attract customers to subscribe to their free short term blogging tutorial course, and then they sell premium courses after they earn trust from their customers.

By creating and selling online courses, you can create a responsive audience tribe in your respective niche, and it can be regarded as a good side income source for you.

5. Workbooks.

Workbooks are also a type of digital product that resembles eBooks, but they serve a different purpose. They consist of action-driven principles and guidelines from which one can execute tasks of different categories.

For example, a simple workbook describing “how to create a backlink strategy for your blog” will help the customer plan a strategy for creating backlinks for his site. So these products provide solutions in a typical DIY approach, so start creating and selling actionable workbooks in your niche.

6. Stock photos collection.

Everybody uses stock photos in their blogs, marketing campaigns, and social media posts. And we even buy premium stock photos from websites for providing a new look to our website. And as a blogger and designer, it is a great idea to create and sell high-quality stock photos that serve an excellent value for the customers.

People always want to spend money on premium photos as they give a different look for their content structure. You can create simple collages of stock photos and sell them in your channels, or you can leverage your design skills by setting up stock photo membership sites like Shutterstock, Fotolia.

7. Themes and plugins.

Creating these types of digital products requires the skills of coding. So if you are familiar with coding and designing, you have the most special ability that brings you a lot of passive income. This category is a special one in these seven types of digital product ideas.

Create lightweight themes and plugins which solve users’ problems, and these products can be quickly sold in your blogs or simple stores. You can set pricing for monthly or yearly subscriptions that are suitable for your niche audience.

Conclusion: Digital products industry is proliferating due to an increase in online learnings and marketing. And because of online forms of content, anybody can create and sell these types of digital products. Now you have a comprehensive list of popular digital product ideas, choose which product suits your industry, and start creating them. Let us know if you find any other types of digital products that can generate passive income.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.