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Because of the post-pandemic global recession, finding cheap flights to Lagos may be more difficult than it appears. Despite the fact that there are millions of airlines operating at the time, airfare remains one of the most expensive aspects of every trip. Travelling is about more than just arriving at your goal; it’s about the great moments and new experiences you come across along the route. It suggests that travel is neither cheap nor costly, but that tickets are. We’ve all experienced the torture of searching for the cheapest flights to a specific destination. With a plethora of search engines and continuously variable pricing, obtaining low-cost tickets may be a challenge. When purchasing your next plane ticket, here are some tricks to help you save time, frustration, and, most importantly, money.

Look for Flights During the Week-Days

Try to get cheap flights to Lagos, Nigeria while booking on weekdays. While many people feel that booking on a Tuesday will save them money, the fact is that there is no universal truth about the cheapest days to travel. It is usually cheaper to travel on a weekday, although this is not always the case. Your best idea is to look at monthly prices to determine which days are the most affordable for your vacation. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Step 1. Navigate to the Reliance Travels website.
  • Step 2. Enter the details regarding the cities of your departure and arrival.
  • Step 3. Choose “one-way” (even if you’re travelling round trip – you’re only looking for the cheapest days to fly out first).
  • Step 4. Instead of inputting a date, choose “Depart,” then “Whole Month,” then “Cheapest Month,” to browse all dates and discover which is the cheapest. To simply check which day is the cheapest, click “Search flights.”

Plan your Flights Ahead of Time

We acknowledge that most of us arrange our vacations at the last minute, but if it’s a scheduled trip, book your flights at least 2-3 months in advance. You’ll be surprised at how much money you may save on a flight.

Make Use of the Incognito Mode

We’re sure most of us have heard of this one. When you search for airline rates in a regular browser, the website keeps track of your past and the fare rises each time you check. When looking for fares, it’s best to go anonymously. Alternatively, if using a standard browser, always make sure to remove the cookies.

Don’t Always Fly Directly

Non-stop flights are always chosen by everyone, although the prices are much higher. Though it may be a bit of a pain, consider connecting flights; Consider scheduling two legs independently by adding another destination to your journey if you’re heading somewhere that requires a transfer. It should go without saying that extended layovers should be avoided. I repeat: do not plan layovers that are more than an hour apart! This technique is for travellers who wish to stop at a different location for a few days or longer before continuing on their journey.

Additionally, during layovers, avoid selecting the “direct flights only” option when booking tickets. Transfers and layovers are often less expensive than direct flights. On the other side, booking flights with short layovers should be avoided. If you miss your flight due to unforeseeable delays, it might be costly.

To Book a Flight, Go to the Airline’s Official Website

We all know that searching for flights on websites like Skyscanner is much easier. However, you will wind up paying extra for your booking as a result of this. It is usually preferable to book directly through the airline’s website. There are also additional discounts available, such as a group travel discount and an armed forces discount. Check it out.

There are hundreds of cheap booking websites but Reliance Travels is one of our favourites (especially if you want to travel from the UK). On their website, you can learn more about this low-cost carrier and how to book cheap tickets to Lagos. To prevent losing out on deals, keep an eye on its Facebook and Twitter sites and sign up for email notifications.

By Anurag Rathod

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