WordPress migration services

Are you planning to move your WordPress site to another hosting provider?

If yes, then you must need to transfer your existing WordPress site. This means all your posts, pages, comments, users, and other details should be transferred safely from one server to another server.

Naturally, migrating to a dedicated WordPress hosting package or to a new web host can be stressful, especially when you’re handling several sites and clients. You could lose precious time and money if you don’t do it the right way. Not to forget, you can lose precious data in the process, resulting in dire repercussions in many cases.

This article will introduce and compare several WordPress migration plugins to help you transfer WordPress sites in minutes.

Here are some of the best WordPress migration plugins to make your migration process hassle-free.

1.     BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy is a popular and easy-to-use WordPress migration plugin used by 1 million WordPress sites.


  • You can backup your entire site from within your WordPress dashboard in just five simple steps.
  • Unlike other plugins that only back up the database, BackupBuddy sees that you have a copy of all your files, themes, plugins, and more. It does so by backing up the entire WordPress installation and giving you access to a downloadable zip file.
  • BackupBuddy lets you switch your WordPress site to a new host or domain with ease. 
  • The plugin does a free malware scan of your site to ensure your site and online reputation are spotless.


The Gold plan costs $199 per year, the Freelancer plan costs $127, and the Blogger plan costs $80.


The learning curve associated with the plugin may be time-consuming and trying.

2.     Duplicator Pro

Duplicator Pro is an easy, fast, and powerful plugin used by more than 700,000 websites. It offers a simple step-by-step wizard to guide you through the migration process. 


  • It offers you the ability to schedule backups.
  • Duplicator Pro has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor to help you migrate your site to an empty directory or overwrite an existing suite.
  • For safety reasons, it allows you to back up to Dropbox, FTP, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Amazon S3.
  • Create a pre-configured website on as many locations as you need with the Duplicator package.
  • The Recovery Points feature prevents mistakes and bad updates by allowing you to quickly roll back your system to a good state.
  • You can use Duplicator Pro to backup and migrate a multisite network. It also allows you to install a subsite as a standalone site.


The Gold plan costs $549, the Business plan costs $149, the Freelancer plan costs $89, and the Personal plan costs $69.


Beginners may need assistance to connect to the FTP server. You can take the help of WordPress migration services to seamlessly migrate to WordPress.

3.     Updraft Plus

Updraft Plus is a trusted and comprehensive plugin with brilliant features and advanced tools to help you backup and restore.


  • It comes with an easy-to-use interface to let you backup and restore with a single click.
  • It is capable of performing complete manual or scheduled backups of all your websites’ files, databases, plugins, and themes.
  • It can restore backups directly from your WordPress cPanel.
  • The Migrator feature can clone your website and transfer it to a new domain or host.
  • The UpdraftClone feature allows you to quickly clone a temporary site.
  • It allows pre-update backups.
  • You can backup the WordPress core and non-WordPress files and databases.
  • It offers security while backing up WordPress multisite or networks.
  • It encrypts your sensitive databases.
  • Using a password, you can lock access to UpdraftPlus.
  • Apart from giving you a plethora of cloud storage options, the plugin offers its own embedded storage option.


Updraft Plus has five plans. The personal plan gives you 2 licenses and costs $70, the Business plan offers 10 licenses and costs $95, the Agency plan offers 35 licenses and costs $145, the Enterprise plan offers unlimited licenses and costs $195, and the Gold plan offers unlimited licenses+ and costs $399.


In order to migrate, you will have to install WordPress on the destination.

4.     Jetpack

Jetpack is a powerful WordPress plugin that lets you easily restore your backups and move your WordPress website to new servers. It is used by 5 million sites.


  • It offers easy-to-use, comprehensive WordPress site security.
  • It allows real-time backups and one-click site restoration for easy migration.
  • It offers automated malware scanning and fixes bugs in one click.
  • It will safeguard your comments and forms from spam.
  • Since your data is stored on the cloud, you don’t have to manually re-upload backups while migrating.


Pricing plans start from $39 per year.


  • The JetPack subscription has many other features that you may not require.
  • Beginners might find the setup process a bit complicated. You are required to use two separate plugins, a JetPack subscription as well as a WordPress.com account.

5.     All-in-One WP Migration 

Used by more than 60 million websites, All-in-One WP Migration is a plugin that comes with a comprehensive set of features.


  • It supports custom uploads, plugins, theme folders, and more.
  • It is WCAG 2.1 AA Level compliant.
  • You can operate on any host.
  • It is compatible with mobile devices.
  • It supports intelligent and faultless auto-replacement of website URLs while importing.
  • You can use Traktor Web to browse WPress files online.
  • Traktor Desktop allows you to extract WPress files on your computer.


If you are not satisfied with the basic plugin, you can use the Unlimited extension that costs $69 for a lifetime license.


  • Import is limited on the free version up to 512 MB.
  • Users are required to manually install WordPress on the new location.
  • A separate paid extension is needed for multisite exports.


 Automatic or manual migrationMinimum number of steps requiredMultisite migration supportEase of use
BackupBuddyIt offers automatic WordPress backup schedules (hourly, twice daily, daily, every other day, bi-weekly, weekly, monthly, and more).  Five simple steps.  YesVery easy to use migration wizard.  
Duplicator ProManual work requiredAt least twelve steps.  YesNeeds technical expertise.  
Updraft PlusIt is capable of performing complete manual or scheduled backups.Single-step process.YesIt allows you to easily take back-ups and restores with a single click.  
JetPackIt allows automatic backups.  Real-time backup and one-click restore.  NoThe setup process may be a bit complicated for beginners.  
All-in-One WP MigrationManual work required.  At least twelve steps.  YesIt requires above-average technical skills.


WordPress migration plugins are the perfect solution for those who want to move their site across to another domain.

The process of archiving your site files and database, exporting it, and importing it onto another domain can be very cumbersome. It not only takes time but could cause a major headache if something goes wrong during the process.

This is where WordPress migration plugins step in. They make the whole process simple by helping you move across domains without any risk of damaging your files or database.

Check out the ones mentioned in this article and migrate your site from one domain to another without any hassle.

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