If you’re here, then you must know the importance of SEO. Aside from the fact that it drives traffic to your platform, it also drives more sales. Without any debate, SEO is a must-have strategy for all online business owners. Wait! Have you ever thought of improving your SEO (search engine optimization) skills or speeding up your SEO groove? If yes? All you need is a good Chrome extension. Not only does it make work faster, but also makes you ahead of your competitors.

Nevertheless, there are many options of SEO tools with different performances on Google today. More importantly, know that these chrome extensions are a little bit pricey. But you know what? Don’t dwell on it! Here are the best 5 Free SEO Extensions to provide better optimization. Let’s get started!

5 Secret Free Chrome Extensions for SEO

1. Ubersuggest

Starting off our list of free SEO tools is Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest. It is a unique SEO tool that displays adequate information about related keywords. Ubersuggest features a graph that shows a monthly bunch of research and other competitive data. One amazing fact about this powerful tool is that it gives SEO insights about Keyword research on search engines and other websites like Amazon and YouTube.

With Ubersuggest, customizing languages becomes a breeze. Moreover, it’s available in 9 languages such as English, German, Italian, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, and Spanish. To crown it all, this fascinating extension shows valuable data within the SERPs. Consequently, it improves webpage ranking.

2. Mozbar

Mozbar is an extension created by Moz. If you need an all-in-one SEO tool that allows you to research with just a single click, look no further than Mozbar. It gives prompt arithmetic while you browse other sites. Users can quickly spot the most significant page to examine.

This tool ensures quick Page Authority assessment. Likewise, it allows you to conveniently get familiar with any relevant keywords and different sites link building. Do you think that’s all? Not yet! Mozbar helps to design custom searches. Another important aspect of this tool is that users can easily export SERPs in CSV format. Meanwhile, you can upgrade the SEO plugin to get premium features.

3. SEOquake

When it comes to an extension that reveals vital SEO metrics, you can never go wrong with SEOquake. This free plugin gives an intensive webpage analysis. Like the previous taskbars, you can sort out the files and export a result page into a CSV folder. SEOquake aids in getting social bars for Facebook and Web.

This tab can be used as many browser extensions. Unlike other free taskbars, it offers other essential tools like Link reports, SEO Audit, and Keyword density surveys to improve Google ranking. Also, users can view several parameters on a platform. Compared with other tools, SEOquake is doubtlessly the easiest to work with.

4. SimilarWeb

Considering the premium features of this SEO analysis extension, it’s worth checking out. Regardless of the location, SimilarWeb gives the exact traffic metric for any website. Besides, it helps to access ranking estimations, engagement rate, and strategy. Thus, improve your SEO for high-ranking on web search.

As a plus, SimilarWeb gives a detailed breakdown of access provider sources that generate leads to a forum. This source includes direct, referrals, email, social networks, and display ads. Download this extension today and get comprehensive insights into any website worldwide. Meanwhile, you’re obliged to accept clickstream data collection before operating the SEO chrome extension.

5. Growthbar

Get full SEO insights with Growthbar while you navigate through search results. This extension is the smartest and strongest AI technology in the world today. It’s a Free SEO Google Chrome Extension that reveals competitive keywords, traffic value, Facebook ads, and webpage word count of other platforms.

With this tool, you can effortlessly get site backlinks, create and publish SEO content that ranks. It is an ideal toolbar for all marketers who want to drive terrific traffic to their network on a go. In a nutshell, Growthbar is the best user-friendly free chrome extension for SEO.

Expert Opinion of our SEO-specialist

Even though these free SEO extensions perform excellently, Our SEO specialist alleged that there are no perfect SEO tools. Nevertheless, finding out more about how these extensions for SEO works is beneficial. It guarantees that your website stays right up there in multiple worlds. Needless to say, you can consider combining them all to make life easier. It doesn’t stop there! With these Chrome extensions, Keyword research and high-ranking becomes a piece of cake. To get more ideas about how to stack up against other contenders, visit now!


There you have it! The top 5 Free SEO Extensions. Beyond getting a better status in the search engine results, it also helps with related keywords research and accurate conversions. Considering SEO analytics, all toolbars included in this post are the top choice for you. Whether you’re running a small or medium-scale business, these tools improve your SEO and ensure significant productivity.

By Anurag Rathod

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