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When you want to buy a fishing rod, you’ve got many options. You can purchase a graphite or fiberglass fishing rod. Some rods come with graphite-based blanks, while others don’t. The Ugly Stik brand is legendary for their strength and durability. The rods are constructed of two-piece construction with EVA grips. The reel seat is made of aluminum alloy.

Rods Feature

The Piscifun series is lightweight and features Fuji ling guides for increased durability. These rods feature golf-style grips for sure handling and comfort. This is a tournament-level fishing rod, but is still affordable for the casual fisherman at FishUSA Coupon Codes. It features a quality treated epoxy finish to reduce the chances of breaking the front tip. The St. Croix Avid Series spinning rig is also lightweight and versatile and offers 15-year warranty.

Shimano Xi5 Pro

The Shimano Xi5 Pro is another excellent fishing rod, but it’s more expensive than its competition. You might want to get an entry-level model if you’re new to fishing. The SX-R is great for beginners, and a budget-friendly option for those who like to cast a large bait offshore. Its powerful backbone can handle a variety of weights, including snares.

High-Performance Fishing Rod

The IM6 and IM8 rods are also high-quality. Graphite and carbon have high modulus properties and can handle big fish. The IM6 is a high-performance fishing rod that is perfect for beginners. The IM8 is a medium-weight, medium-heavy, and ultra-light. The XXL is perfect for saltwater fish.

Heavy-Duty Fishing

The XXX Spinning and Jigging rods are designed for heavy-duty fishing. The Fuji Elite Spinning rod is perfect for saltwater fishing and is ideal for use with braided lines. The metal eyes can cause the line to fray, but they are compatible with braided line. The Fuji XXX Pro is a medium-weighted rod with a cork handle.

A good fishing rod is very sturdy and resilient. The one-piece rod is more durable, but it is still prone to bending. The two-piece version is lighter, but has a larger dead area. The dead area can help a fish commit. The two-piece rod has a higher breaking point, but it still bends when flexed. The XXXXXX is a hybrid rod.

Best Choice for Serious Fishermen

When it comes to fishing rods, graphite is the most durable and is the best choice for serious fishermen. Fast-action fishing rods are also made of graphite, which are stiffer and are suited for fast-action fishing. Regardless of the material, a good fishing rod will give you a smooth, consistent fishing accessories promo code. However, the same cannot be said for reels.

The Penny Ally series is a high-end trolling rod with a tubular glass blank. It is lightweight and has a great balance. It’s also suitable for saltwater fishing, and it comes with a matching reel. The Ugly Stik has a low price, and it has stainless steel eyes. The price is also modest. The Ugly Stik has countless pros. It’s a versatile spinning rod that will fit your needs, and it is built to last.

Popular Choice

The Kingfish spins are a popular choice. The Kingswell rod is durable and easy to maintain, while the Goture is lightweight and offers excellent performance. Its fiberglass construction is durable and the rod comes with a carrying case. The Goture is a high-end spinning rod and is a good choice for freshwater fishing, but it doesn’t come with a reel.


The Daiwa Tutula Elite series is another highly-rated fishing rod. It offers more than 25 different models, including spinning and baitcasting. Each one is designed to accommodate different types of lures. The Elite series is geared toward topwater fish, and has been designed by top tournament bass anglers. If you want to buy a rod for any of these reasons, the Fenwick Tutula line has a huge variety of offerings that fits every budget and style.

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