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Imagine you’ve been asked to prepare an essay on a rather common topic. There are so many resources available that finding the right angle for your essay becomes really difficult. So, how do you ensure your essay turns out unique? In this case, the wise idea is to find an article rewriter.

Whether you have writer’s block or you’re looking for unique ideas for your essay papers , these tools and resources will bring a considerable difference. If you’re concerned about the efficacy of your essay, then these article rewriters are worth your consideration. 

SmallSEOtools article rewriter

SmallSEOTools article rewriter is a rather well-known and widely accepted resource among the students. In fact, it’s considered one of the top 5 article rewriter tools or essay writing.  It’s utilised to generate automated content. It’s the best article rewriter tool online for any type of content.

This resource only changes the wording of your essay papers in a manner that the meaning remains the same. It’s designed specifically for new and beginner level users, which makes it very easy for them to use it.

Content professor

To ensure that the article rewriting process is easy, this resource has integrated online help right into the application. There’s a 5-steps tutorial and a comprehensive user manual available for beginners. And, ultimately, it leaves a solid impression on its users by providing top-notch features for article rewriting.

The essential feature of this tool allows you to request the removal or addition of certain synonyms from its global database. Moreover, the software also consists of an advanced synonym algorithm that ranks the synonym depending on its usage. In fact, Content Professor presents a multilingual thesaurus. The supported languages are Spanish, English, German and French.


It’s a free online essay rewriter that rephrases readable text into additional text. With Spinbot, you can easily generate texts for your blog contents with only a single click.

It’s a free tool which means it doesn’t have any advanced options for generating new essay papers. They come with a subscription plan that only allows you to remove ads and captcha. You can call it a “Freemium” tool, so it does come with a lot of restrictions. However, you have the option to buy their subscriptions for better use. 

Chimp rewriter

The tool allows you to create multiple high quality essays in a limited period of time. With the LCP (Linguistic Communication Processes) system, rewriting articles has become a lot more convenient. Chimp Rewriter can also be used for SEO processes, as the codes offer the unique combination of sensible linguistics automatic editing and manual redaction.

Moreover, it can be used by downloading the software and is compatible with both Mac and Microsoft.


CleverSpinner is an AI-based article rewriter or plagiarism checker software that’s considered one of the best among all other similar resources. Its performance is incredible owing to the artificial intelligence it uses and the advanced and unique method of rewriting a piece of content.

Even if your original content comes with complex phrases and sentences, CleverSpinner will simplify them after the spinning process. In fact, this resource also comes with an extensive library of synonyms, thereby providing the best alternatives for commonly used words making your content unique.

AI article spinner

This is one of the best article rewriters that you can get your hands on. It allows users to publish plagiarism-free essays and comprises an effective algorithm that can make changes in any text without altering its meaning.

The tool also presents synonyms in an appropriate manner so that it doesn’t distort the overall concept of the essay. AI Article Spinner can be availed free of cost, and you can utilise it multiple times by just uploading the file containing the actual text. 

Spinner Chief 6 

Spinner Chief 6 offers advanced essays and article rewriting features. It’s so robust with its essay rewriting skills that the content generated after using this tool comes out authentic.

Apart from this, Spinner Chief 6 uses Natural Language Analysis and AI technology to decipher the meaning of actual content before presenting. This ensures a better quality of essay rewriting.

And, not to forget, this resource can be accessed either offline or online. In fact, the tool is compatible with Windows or Mac device and also on any web browser.


This one is known to generate high quality  as if written by an actual individual while being extremely easy to use. The users also love its simple, user-friendly and easy interface.

But simple or easy to use doesn’t mean it’s any less efficient. WordAI is similar to other article rewriter and article spinner tools, is stocked with artificial intelligence that understands the context of words before rephrasing them. Hence, improving the quality of your essay content.


SpinRewriter is a rather commonly used resource. It employs the ELN technology to offer you unique, exclusive and meaningful papers for your class.

This tool presents you with a feature to integrate relevant images between the paragraphs as well. This tool is compatible with multiple devices and every syntax style, so you can choose from them based on what you need.

If you don’t want to compromise the meaning of your article or the content you aim to convey after spinning, then you should try Spin Rewriter. Due to this, thousands of users, including SEO experts, bloggers, students, have all been actively using Spin Rewriter.


This is another free online article rewriter that was designed to help users rephrase and restructure the essays by scanning through all the words then altering them with their synonyms.

You can rewrite your essays with PrepostSEO rewriter by pasting them into the blank space or by uploading Microsoft word, Google DOC, PDF, or TXT files directly from your PC. And you can also rewrite unlimited content without any limitations. This article rewriter tool is 100% free.


If you want to turn in a flawless essay paper, these tools are going to be your best option. Try any of the options mentioned in the post and decide which one you prefer. However, all the recommended options are brilliant, but it depends on how you write and what you need it for.

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