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Payment Gateway Integration In India Covers A Superb Path To Domestic Business

Payment Gateway Integration In India Covers A Superb Path To Domestic Business

What are the payment gateway services? What significance does it hold? r If questions like these bother you, then this article aims to answer all your queries related to the payment gateway services. Also, the article covers the payment gateway list that has proven its reliability over time.

Let us start by knowing the basics of the payment gateway services, gradually uncovering the benefits and applications of the same.

The article also covers the information about payment gateway commission that plays an important role in deciding the payment gateway service provider for your business.

Payment Gateway Services

A payment gateway is an advanced merchant service crafted by e-commerce ASP that powers the online businesses to accept digital transactions such as credit cards and debit cards, net banking etc.

A payment gateway serves as the platform that connects the payment portal with the bank to carry secure transactions.

Application Of Payment Gateway

The payment gateway has the potential to execute the following functions that contribute to its value.

Authorization: The payment gateway can help the merchant to know if the customer has funds for the products and services it desires. It helps to assess if the card being used has the limit to fulfil the order without actually withdrawing money.

Capture: Once the payment is authorized begins the role of processing the payment into the merchant account.

Sale: Combination of the authorization and capture as mentioned above, it is a complete cycle that either helps in commuting the funds or otherwise.

Refund: In case of a cancelled order, the processing of the funds back to the customer’s account from the merchants account.

Void: It comes into the role only if the funds are not processed. Once captured, the ‘refund’ is then the required alternative.   

How Can Payment Gateways Aid Domestic Business?

The article covers an exhaustive list of benefits associated with the payment gateway solutions that make them a must-have to aid your business operations for carrying out smooth and secure transactions.

  • Secure transactions: The foremost advantage of using these modern solutions is that it promotes secure transactions between the merchant and the customer. Payment gateways encrypted sensitive data keeps the risk of exposure to fraudulent activities at bay.
  • Target more audience: A reliable alternative over other payment methods for online transactions, payment gateways let merchants build a large customer base by accepting payments in a few seconds, globally.
  • Shopping cart system: Usually the payment gateway solutions are bundled with the shopping cart software that allows the customer to add multiple products, get a total cost estimate and have an automated detailed invoice mechanism that holds information about taxes and shipping charges and reduces manual efforts.

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  • Quick transaction processing: Using a payment gateway eliminates the need for standing in a queue at the cash counter. It lets the customer experience faster transaction processing over the manual process.
  • Added convenience: The payment gateway allows the merchant to operate the business round the clock. It gives merchants and customers the convenience to access the services and make payments anytime in the day that eventually hikes up the sale.

The benefits, as mentioned above, makes the payment gateway services an optimal solution for your business.

After knowing about the benefits of the payment gateway, let us now dive deep into the ocean of payment gateways and know the payment gateway services that are trending these days.

Top Payment Gateways In 2020

Selecting the best payment gateway script that is ideal for your business operation might become a tough task. The list mentioned below informs you about the best payment gateways and intend to simplify the selection process.

Bill Desk: Bill Desk is a popular payment gateway that keeps the user updated about the recently generated bills. Many banks tend to use the popular gateway service to promote simple, secure and quick transactions.

PayUMoney: One of the best payment gateway that powers over 4000 merchants across India to carry online transactions.

ePaisa: Speed up the checkout process with the help of this payment gateway. ePaisa allows the customer to transact with their smartphone, tablet and other gadgets with ease.

ePaisa allows the customer to choose from a variety of payment options that include debit and credit cards, bitcoins, online payments etc.

Paytm: Yet another payment platform, Paytm payment gateway has become the leading platform to facilitate online transactions. Launched as a mobile-based application, Paytm is a next level payment gateway that not only allows payments but also features a variety of goods and services.

UPI: UPI stands for Unified Payments Interface, is a product of the National Payment Corporation of India. UPI allows the customer to instantly transfer funds between two banks, making it a popular choice in the country. 

Consider the above-mentioned payment gateway list to select the appropriate tool for your business or consult the software development company for better clarity of the same.

Whitelabel solutions for payment gateways

Whitelabel solutions make a perfect resource that allows any business to use a well-established payment gateway platform under personalized branding.

Creating localized content gets easy with the help of Whitelabel payment gateway services. The incorporation of digital technology into daily life (like the convenience of making online transactions) makes it an excellent option to boast a well-secured payment gateway service for your customers.

Whitelabel solution provides you with a quick and cost-effective alternative over costlier payment gateway development processes and hence contributes to its popularity. With the help of an experienced software development company, you can use these modern services to receive payments effortlessly.


Payment gateways are the new age solution that allows the merchant to facilitate online transactions for their customers. Using a payment gateway in your e-commerce will contribute in hiking up the sales by promoting hassle-free transactions encouraging customers to opt for your services.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has further highlighted the significance of the advanced solution to minimize the scope of any physical contact and promote contactless transactions to keep the risk of contamination at bay. 

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